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Alex Schroeder 🐝 @kensanata

Whenever I worked from home, I felt about everything: doing the dishes, wasting time, making tea. I decided that I’d rather go to the office and be annoyed by the constant chatter. The noise is easier to manage.

@kensanata Interesting. I can get a lot more done at home. I think because I take more intelligent (and productive) breaks. That said, if I WFH *too* much then it slides off. I like to WFH 2-4x a month or so, personally.

@browneyedgirl Perhaps I simply don’t feel bad slacking off at the office because I feel I’m being paid for time spent sitting at the desk, whereas at home I feel the need to justify every hour I’m going to clock in.

@kensanata Ahhh...since I'm emailing back and forth pretty regularly, maybe I feel like I've got the justification in the bag ;)

@kensanata that post covers most of my issues with working remotely.

But I hate long commutes WAY more than I hate being isolated. In my city, most tech jobs are in a very congested part of the town. I'd either have a 1-1.5 hour commute each way (whether by car or public transportation) or I'd have to work odd hours to avoid traffic.

Isolation is the easier problem for me to fix.

@webinista Yeah, I was very happy when my employer opened a new office 30–40min by foot from my home. That’s super nice.

@kensanata ha, I'm the other way around. I'd rather work from home. In fact, I'd say that it's more about the task: if there is something good & interesting to work on, I will work on it no matter where I might be.

@dotemacs Ah, but nothing competes with the Free Software projects I do in my free time. I only get money for the stuff I don't enjoy as much... 😟