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Alex Schroeder 🐝 @kensanata

Haven’t posted this in a long time. How do you start using Mastodon? Is there a good link to send your mastocurious friends? This is mine:
I was reminded of this as people follow me without a picture, without a bio in their profile, and worse: without a single post on their timeline. How will I know whether I should follow them back? I’d love to follow you back. But I’d also love to block bots, spammers, spies and trackers.

@kensanata perhaps I should put a picture in my profile. I haven't done it because I don't know how, but because I thought it was neat. 😀

@kensanata oh no! Jokes aside, are there people who block users without a picture?

@loke I don’t know. I wouldn’t, I think.

@kensanata @david_ross my rule of thumb is: I follow everyone who seems to post interesting stuff, unless following them would make my timeline have so much stuff that I can't read everything that happened since yesterday. Right now I'm close to that limit.

@Wolf480pl @david_ross Definitely. But people also fall of the platform again, so it’s good to occasionally add new people to replace those who have disappeared.

@Wolf480pl @kensanata Back on birdsite I found lists really helpful. I'd rather my limits be set by my interests than my brain's capacity to deal with everything at once. Otherwise risks default filter bubble & not personally see that helpful towards my goal for personal growth

Using pvt lists, if you're in the mood for a certain topic you can filter out all the other 'noise' as the mood dictates

I add things like: politics, events, music, art, inspiration, funny, science, tech, languages etc

@david_ross @Wolf480pl Hm, I never used lists that much on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. I found Google Collections much more useful: an outgoing tag that followers could subscribe to or not.

@kensanata Thank you for the how-to. I've been here for a while but had little idea of how to make the site my friend.

@kensanata I barely bother to check who's following me. I'm more interested in who's talking about interesting shit that I'm not tracking that I might be interested in.

Followers, generally, aren't a good signal on that.

@dredmorbius The process of building the list of people to follow is an interesting art.

@kensanata Rather.

I don't know if I'm getting any better at it. It's /hard/.

Weird thing is how avatars help so much. I find it /much/ more difficult to get a sense of someone on, say, Reddit or HN, than on G+, Mastodon, or Ello, with avatars making a big difference. I would have laughed at this notion 20 years ago, maybe even 5. Not any more.

@dredmorbius @kensanata Hey, watch it — this thread is drifting perilously close to the text vs. GUI one.🙃

@wrenpile @dredmorbius haha. The way I think about is that I have a process of growing and shrinking my pool of people I am following and one element of this is to also check the timeline of people following me. And then I’m quick to follow and quick to unfollow, I think. Avatars are important as signifiers of identity, like a voice in meatspace. Personhood, message coherence, something something I haven’t thought through. 🤔