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Alex Schroeder 🐝 @kensanata

Taking notes because I might be in the market for a new laptop, soon.

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@kensanata you didn't mention, but do you have an SSD in that MBP? also, you can fit 16 GB of DDR3 in that model, but keep in mind that those models of MBP are picky about RAM due to the nForce northbridge

@kensanata also replace the thermal paste, it can do wonders for CPU performance and thermals

@kensanata also, that X200 is effectively a sidegrade from your current model - they both have Penryn CPUs. The 13 is an actual upgrade, but I smell Chinesium build quality and industrial design.

@calvin I assume Chinese build quality and industrial design is bad? I don’t have an opinion about that because I think all the laptops are built in China these days? If you say the X200 is basically the equivalent of my current system it would work well as a second laptop, I guess. And I could move the PowerBook to Debian. You think I am mistaking faulting macOS for the incredibly slow login? I don’t remember that ever being a problem on Debian.

@kensanata There's a difference between the build quality of premium machines like MacBooks and ThinkPads vs. what looks to be flimsy plastic from the likes of ODMs like Clevo. The Librem/Purism stuff leans towards the latter. (The Chinese will make products with as good as a build quality as you tell them to.)

Also just run whatever OS you like, but do consider reprovisioning the Mac OS install as well. (And again, that SSD is absolutely critical for responsiveness.)

@calvin No SSD in that PowerBook. Perhaps adding a SSD and more RAM would fix our issues. Hm.

@kensanata It absolutely would. Late Core 2 Duo hardware is still quite capable, but mechanical HDs are a huge bottleneck on any system. Take away I/O latency and raise bandwidth with an SSD and watch it fly. And of course, browsers are RAM hogs, so might as well put in as much as you can.

@kensanata Replacing the HDD with an SSD in my Toshiba laptop ( improved performance quite significantly. Had been annoying at times before, not really noticed since.


@edavies @calvin I see that you keep notes on your site like I do when I run into problems. Haha, good to know and I'm always happy when I stumble upon somebody that had the exact same problem as I did.