Headlines I don't want to see: "Crypto Nation Switzerland tackles workforce shortages: Universities are stepping up with new educational courses to solve a shortage of cryptocurrency and blockchain experts in Switzerland."

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"… Head of Digital Assets at Germany’s largest bank, Deutsche Bank … digital assets and blockchain journey … How does blockchain relate to financial markets and what is the market for non-fungible tokens? … Blockchain Competence Center … Cardano blockchain foundation … Deep Dive into Blockchain … courses on Crypto Finance and Cryptocurrencies and on Blockchain technology … "

@kensanata In a better world, those experts would say "just don't do it!"

@wim_v12e The EPFL answer seemed not as bad as the others:
« The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL), for example, chooses to incorporate elements of blockchain into existing courses. “Blockchain isn’t very difficult as a technical concept,” says EPFL Dean of Computer and Communications Science, James Larus. “Pretty much all of our students who have graduated with a Master’s degree should have taken enough courses to understand blockchain pretty well. …” »

@wim_v12e By all means, spend two hours exposing the system, I'd say. It's important to know what the people you disagree with are doing. I mean, we talked for a bit about homeopathy during my biology courses as well. 😆

@kensanata I suppose educating cryptocurrency experts is a very difficult balancing act. Tell them too much, and they will instantly nope out.

@deshipu It is a terrible thing: all these students and wannabe entrepreneurs wanting to fix the world and get rich quick, paying you for their education, eager to learn about the latest tech, and you're here to tell them that it's all a fraud and part of why the biosphere is going to collapse, soon.

@kensanata We here in Sweden have a shortage in nurses and other super vital professions 💔

@Sandra That, too, of course. As long as the Balkans are poor while still being able to pay for nursery school and German courses, we will hire them and give them low wages over here. I read a dark interview a while ago about a German teacher in Bosnia and the interview ended with her saying: "… and when everybody else is gone, I will turn off the lights and emigrate as well." 💔


@kensanata something tells me there isn't a shortage of cryptocurrency workers anymore 😂

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