"Are you sure you want to cancel?
Cancel / OK"

Who thinks of these questions?

@kensanata are you sure you want to cancel your wanting to cancel...?

@mousebot This making me question my life and my work and my choices in life, to be honest!

@kensanata Not quite up to the standard of “Press Enter to exit” but getting close.

@kensanata flip that -- the problem is they didn't think :flan_facepalm:

@Natouille Now you're making me wonder about the job description of content designers

@kensanata There was a comic on usability called "OK/Cancel" for precisely that reason.


a real Android screen, which would translate
"Are you sure you want to cancel ? Cancel / Cancel"

@djiko_iko I guess you just have to make sure with those French speakers! Better add another button.
On a more serious note, this what always hurts me in translation efforts where very little guidance is offered to the people doing the translating. 😭

I agree on that. Translating means you know the context and you're able to test your translations, which most translators don't do (because they just generally can't do it).

@mmu_man @kensanata

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@cnx it's rather the original address, I think.

@kensanata "Do you want to go left or right? Yes" No choice, no context. That's how you do it.

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