Oh, there is a transcript of Carl Sagan's keynote speech in that @dredmorbius toot that I just boosted!


Carl Sagan’s Keynote Speech at the 5th Emerging Issues Forum (1990)

I feel like I should post a quote from this Carl Sagan speech every two minutes.


I wonder when people will finally react. Is it just a question of the old generation having to die, or are young people also unable to make the right decision? Sometimes I wonder. All I know is that my generation has not managed to turn the ship around.

In 2019 @troodon wrote something about Boomers and Generation X that I felt to be uplifting at the time. Time for a reread.

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climate politics 

The very least you can do is that whenever you get to vote, vote for a candidate that helps mitigate the climate catastrophe. That almost never includes policies involving the stimulation of the economy, tax breaks, supporting our existing economy, companies, and jobs, the securing of our borders, patriotism, or anything like that. So if you can’t tell who’s green, at least vote against those that want more of the same because it sure isn’t helping, whatever they are doing.

climate politics 

@kensanata The moment we get enough critical mass with people on the streets, it will be unstoppable... To me it feels like we’re close, but not there yet.


remember the lyrics from land of confusion by genesis?

"I won't be coming home tonight
My generation will put it right
We're not just making promises
That we know we'll never keep"

the spirit of the youth is always that of a revolution, then they get a family and kids to raise, make ends meet, follow a career and before they know it they are 40+ and too worn out or comfy to make a change 🤷‍♂️

@kensanata @troodon

As another Gen-X, I find the "OK Boomer" thing repulsive on many, many levels.

First, it is doing what Millennials claim drives them nuts: painting an entire, diverse generation of people with a single, broad brush. You can't claim on the one hand to be upset at ageism when it's directed at you, then do EXACTLY THE SAME THING in response.

*SOME* Boomers are utter fucknuggets, yes. That doesn't excuse dismissing *ALL* of them as such.


@kensanata @troodon

This is so obviously grossly hypocritical that in and of itself it's enough for me to dismiss the loser using the expression.

But it's more than just the rank hypocrisy that reeks to the Heavens here. It's also actively dangerous. If "OK Boomer" were used only when said "boomer" was opining on things they're just plain wrong and out of date on, I'd grit my teeth and let it slide. But that's not how it's used any longer.


@kensanata @troodon

No, "OK Boomer", like "check your privilege" before it, is used to shut down interaction. To negate and dismiss opinions that may actually be CORRECT, solely upon unalterable physical attributes. It had reached the point that sane, correct, meaningful positions were casually dismissed only because the person uttering them was older than an arbitrary age line.

This isn't "revolution". This is puerile, knee-jerk contradiction; toddler beheaviour, not that of adults.


@kensanata @troodon

Thankfully this particular piece of manufactured "culture war" idiocy seems to be dying down outside of the usual flaky, foolish fringes that occupy all social movements. Maybe there's hope yet for an actual "revolution" (hint: revolution takes HARD WORK to accomplish, not hashtags on social media!)

But from my perspective, sitting between the incessant whining of my elders and my youngers, both Boomers and Millennials need to grow the fuck up. Stat.


@zdl from my perspective you are dismissing my experience of growing up with a lot of invectives and swear words (and the first few seconds of the video are similarly unbearable), using your perceived abuse of an expression to dismiss it all … I don’t know what to say except that I prefer not to have this discussion with you.

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