Privacy or Accessibility… Most People Can’t Have Both
I spend a lot of time talking to people about two major issues in tech, accessibility and privacy. Over the years I find these conversations to be some of the saddest in all of tech as, for the most part, the most accessible solutions are not the most private solutions. This doesn't have to be.

How we got here?

For years the folks interested


@chris It sure makes me think: perhaps I should simply add a paragraph in my file saying: "We take accessibiliy and privacy very seriously." Just stating it, from programmer to programmer, not somewhere in the manual where it's just get a wry smile from end users.

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@kensanata I think that's a wonderful idea... something I need to do as well (when I start working on my own code again, that is)

@kensanata @chris this sort of intentional effort could have some cultural effect.

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