I keep forgetting the golden rule of email writing. Never ask more than one question per email. Never.

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@kensanata Only if the recipient is known to be a top-poster person?

@smuglispweenie Top posting won out, just like Comic Sans. There is no going back.


Not in my world. Fortunately. Only very rarely I get into conversations where the other party missed the rest of the e-mail because of top posting expectation.


@kensanata @smuglispweenie When I switched gmail to default to plain text my pesky top-posting-habit disappeared almost by itself.

Now I'll edit the whole thing, considering the thread as one single document. I'll remove sections that are irrelevant to my particular mail, insert my answers and comments between paragraphs... It feels like I'm actually taking responsibility for the progress of the conversation.

So I guess the exception to your rule is "if you're emailing me"? ;)

@tinyrabbit @kensanata It's like that with me (except I mostly use Emacs to compose emails, even when the email software is something else, e.g., gmail). And I don't care much what other people do, I'm sticking to careful email communication, editing the content so that only the bits relevant to the conversation are left. Lead by example, I guess?

@tinyrabbit @kensanata There's an important underlying issue here as well — whether people value their time more than that of others. Top posting encourages neglect, and it is sad that this way of doing things has "won" :(

@smuglispweenie @tinyrabbit I don’t see that at all. My take: if you’re top posting, your quoting the thread for all those new to the conversation. Conversely, if this is a one to one conversation outside of business context, there’s no need to quote at all. Like in hand written letters, establish context by writing nice prose. Either way, careful edited quotes interspersed with replies has not been an improvement in my email receiving life.

@tinyrabbit You also often don’t reply to my carefully crafted emails and instead just end up replying after I’ve bugged you enough on tilde! Maybe your email standard is set too high for yourself making email more of a big project than it needs to be?

If peeps relax about the whole over, under, interline thing and instead just actually reply, it’d be great ♥

Caring about “top posting” or not is so 1995. Just jam!

@kensanata @smuglispweenie

@Sandra Caring about “top posting” or not is so 1995.
Love it.

@kensanata That. And also forgetting “bottom-line up front” is a constant source of frustration. Either when I forget, or the other party does a poor job.

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