"What did Voltaire mean with his gardening advice? That we must keep a good distance between ourselves and the world, because taking too close an interest in politics or public opinion is a fast route to aggravation and danger. … We should never tie our personal moods to the condition of a whole nation or people in general; or we would need to weep continuously."
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@kensanata @clacke @kensanata i know letters and red unpublished notes of family that sat first hand at the tables of Voltaire, Casanova and his intellect *king* friends in there time and tried to shape the future, to gain oversight in a world of doubt,
In this blocktime i have the bold feeling the whole gang is back and shapes the world again.
The trick is to stay under the radar, be meek and with almost no ego, guard and garden to really change things that improve knowledge.

@kensanata @clacke It's like the old divide between Epicureans, who like Voltaire thought that it was better to live among friends but hidden from society, and Stoics, who thought one should take public political stances.

@kensanata Reading the "grow our gardens" quote earlier today made me think of Melodysheep's Mr. Rogers remix:

"Did you ever grow anything in the garden of your mind? You can grow ideas in the garden of your mind!"……
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