In the cantons of Vaud and Vallais in Switzerland, all the restaurants seem to be using the Social Pass app.
Apparently, all the data is stored centrally, and the state has access to all the data.
(German, French, Italian; the English link doesn't work)


I think what aggravates me the most is that restaurants no longer simply have a stack of paper and some pens so that people can write their names and phone numbers onto something that is by default not centralised and hard to search except for when it is actually necessary. I think this is still my preferred option.

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@kensanata Here in France they are expected to make both methods available in case someone refuses to uses to app.
You can expect some groaning and moaning from the restaurant staff that has to go fetch the book or sheets from the back, but at least it's here 😁.

@Whidou I wondered whether I should just print good old business cards, but for restaurants. I could just drop my covid card…

@kensanata @Whidou Well you don't want them to input your data into the app right. So you should kinda ask upfront if they submit the data to a central service and look for another place if they do. In Belgium this was all the rage last summer but after the summer past, it kinda got unused. It's totally forgotten by now.

@renatoram And that NEVER happens in digital formats....

/me avoids commenting on my own identity here...


@renatoram What if someone doesn't want to be validated?

(The data collection are for Covid verification, it seems.)


@dredmorbius @renatoram I considered using BS names and just provide a correct phone number… but then I was too lazy because I’m not paranoid enough. But I feel like I should be!

@kensanata the paper and pen option was available in a cafe I visited today 🙂

@kensanata Tucked in the pocket of my BuJo (and numerous other stashes) is a small pile of index cards.

A well-dressed space alien cat is never without a pen or three.


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