Today we walked around Geneva and found the most surprising single trail along the Arve river. This is in the middle of the city. Rare, for @switzerland, I’d say.

More pictures from Geneva. There is a wall dedicated to reformers. I recognized Calvin and Cromwell but none of the others. The reformed churches of Calvin and Zwingli are always pretty bare. No silver and gold, no colorful pictures. A bit of painted glass, that is all. Even Calvin’s chair looks frail (not pictured, though). (funny story about catholic mass and COVID on that page!).
I did not know about the beaches. No wonder Bush was confused. 😂

You know I can’t resist @trains – my favorite form of public transport.

Today we went for a walk. The first third ended up going through the most expensive and most exclusive golf club in Switzerland. That was unexpected. But soon we started seeing what we had come for. Remember that post I made a long time with a video about camouflaged bunkers? The Villa Rose is one of them. The windows are paint jobs…

The locals called these tank barriers “toblerones” because of the chocolate (1909). The barriers were erected in the years leading up to the Second World War. Originally along the German border from Sargans to Basel, later, in order to claim neutrality vis a vis the Germans also along the French border through the Jura mountains (much smaller, running parallel to and north of the Alps) down to lake Geneva (which is where we are, in Nyon).


I used to think that the tank barriers face the enemy with the vertical surface but apparently not. The inclined planes are all less than 45° and designed to withstand bombardment. The blocks also stand each on their own, unconnected, for better resilience. Either way, the key is to immobilize tanks. The strategic goal is to slow down a Blitzkrieg-style advance and buy the country some time to mobilize.

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