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To think that people stormed the camera and did unspeakable harm to the reputation of the country, threatened the lives of the highest officials, whose actions resulted in several people dying, and yet Julian Assange is threatened with 170 years in a US prison, something that most of the world considers to be cruel and unusual punishment, in other words, torture.

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US politics, lraq 

I feel like saying: i can’t imagine how the US is ever going to regain any dignity and respect in the world, but then I think how they weathered the Iraq body count:
Documented civilian deaths from violence: 185,497 – 208,547
Total violent deaths including combatants: 288,000
Or the Abu Ghraib torture prison.
Or earlier… I’m reading up on the Phoenix program:
I’m sure there are plenty more.

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Sometimes I wonder how I end up with “camera” instead of “capitol” in my toots. What combo of brainfart, typo and auto-correct can result in such a change? 🙈

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US politics, lraq 

@kensanata What is this "rest of the world" everyone is talking about and where do you find it? Is it a place in Kansas or something?

US politics, lraq 

@cadadr I once met a man in the US who proudly said he had travelled to world and been to many places, and then proceeded to list cities in the USA…

US politics, lraq 

@kensanata @cadadr In fairness, the USA is a big place.

Do you know what?

I read that about three times, and I thought, nope, Alex knows what he is talking about. There must've been an incident with a TV crew.

@fitheach there is in fact an interesting conundrum from a Swiss perspective: to be present at a demo where property damage is done, makes you liable (fuck this law but it is what it is). What about camera teams that join the storming of the capitol? Do accredited journalists get a pass and citizens do not? Tricky.

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