Alright. As of today I’m trying to drink no more soda. Only water and tea 🍵

@TQ Let’s see how long I can keep it up ^^" It’s not the first time I try.

@irimi1 It's somehow the only drinks I regularly drink. And coffee. Yeah. I never liked my beverage to taste sweet... Maybe a German thing. Or a weird thing, dunno. 😅

@irimi1 oh, just saw you're from Norddeutschland yourself, nevermind the German thing then. 😅
Family perhaps.

@TQ Hehe, yeah the Ostfriesen here like their tea pretty bitter, but that’s not really my kind of thing. I think I prefer green tea, actually? I haven’t tried too many varieties yet.

My specific problem with sodas though is probably the addictive effect of the contained sugar itself, not a preference for sweet drinks. It’s just one of my unhealthy mechanisms of dealing with unpleasant feelings.

@TQ I have to take back that green tea bit. I just realised I’ve only ever drank bagged green tea with added apple and elderberry. Green teas are actually more bitter than black ones, so I clearly don’t know (yet) what I’m talking about there :D


@irimi1 In my experience, people just seep their green teas way too long. I like light and flowery green tea. If you want to try that, I'd buy some basic Sencha (a kind of Japanese green tea), use water that's only 80°C hot, and steep for just 20s. Enjoy, then reuse the same tea and steep again for 20s to 40s; repeat but steep for 40s to 60s, or something like that. Find out what you like, of course. But if you let it steep for 3min, it's going to be very bitter.

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@kensanata @irimi1 @TQ

Yeah, the water should not boil or even have been recently boiled. Something something oxygen but, it’s real.

@TQ @irimi1

I personally don’t mind the longer times (but yeah, @kensanata is right that it is a different taste for sure) but the bitterness when you have too high temp is not my thing.

I drink my tea as the mongols intended: boiled for a while and with a lump of yak butter.
@TQ @kensanata @irimi1

@jens I heard it has to be rancid butter. Or is that just hearsay? Also, do you buy actual tea bricks?
@Sandra @TQ @irimi1

You're well versed in the art of ancient tea brewing!

No, that was a joke. I like to buy green Darjeeling from Teekampagne, and then usually put some in my cup and pour almost boiling water over it. It turns bitter after a while, but I don't mind bitter.
@Sandra @TQ @irimi1

@Sandra @kensanata @irimi1 there are also methods of using the same tea leaves multiple times or adding food water to them. Both result in much lighter, less bitter tea. I much prefer these methods.

@kensanata @irimi1 @TQ "I like my tea like my life." It's now up to your imagination what that means exactly. :blobfoxwinkmlem:

@sheogorath @kensanata @TQ I’ve been doing tea wrong all along. Thanks for all your insights and things to try out ;)

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