If you're interested in the idea of a Gemini wiki, I can offer Phoebe. I use it to serve via the web and via Gemini, on the same port.
If you want to edit pages directly, you can, using the Titan protocol. There's an Emacs extension to do it, but a simple shell script will do it as well.

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Reading a post on Gemini about the server test by Michael Lazar and using it to make little changes to Phoebe. I tend to slightly disagree with some of the decisions, being ready to accept a wider range of input, or using different result codes, but all in all I think all of the Gemini servers conforming to the test suite is a major win for all of us, and so I'll be happy to make those changes.

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@kensanata Might be interesting to also support e-mail based edits. Literally let people send in patches via e-mail, and use the incoming e-mail address as an author record (if needed). Lots of fun stuff with GPG signature verification is possible for authentication.

@nothien Maybe. But it also requires a working email account, email fetching, and a ton of other things. I fear it'd be a very brittle system.

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