What I like about home office: quiet office. Making my own lunch. Drinking excellent coffee and tea.
🍵 ☕️

@kensanata To be honest, I was always bringing my own tea to the office when I still worked from one. But yes, quiet can't be overrated.

Unfortunately my neighbors consider their lawns more important.

@deshipu @kensanata I love my home office. Two windows and numerous birds singing (song sparrows and cat bird say hello) connect me to the world. Unfortunately the windows face a busy country road (fast cars every 30 seconds or so).

But lunch walks in our backyard and frisbee with my dogs is unbeatable.

@kensanata item 1 is unachievable for me, unfortunately. Home schooling!

@isagalaev here in Switzerland a guy said: those who suggest home office is good for child care understand neither home office nor child care! 😅

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