Does Switzerland have the same anti-Nazi laws that Germany has?

I was watching all of the entertaining history videos by Oversimplified (like War of the Bucket) but then realized there were ones done on Hitler that YT blocks due to "This content is not available on this country domain."

@cj No, Switzerland is a bit laxer. Germany forbids the display of Nazi regalia except for certain contexts full stop. I. Switzerland you have to argue that the use is either racism or a call to violence (Anti-Rassismus Strafnorm, for example).


@cj if you’re interested in details, I can ask Claudia for details about Switzerland. art 261bis

@kensanata Ah gotcha. No need for details, I was just curious why a YT video was banned, but the comments on a reupload that isn't banned indicated it was a EU-wide ban (but including Switzerland? So maybe a geo-IP ban).

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