Went for a 10km run in the woods and brought along the phone so I could take some pictures of @plants 😍
(picture descriptions in German)

@plants I am reminded of a beautiful day in 2016 when I brought a camera to take pictures on my way to work along the tram rails. The city has started to use wildflowers everywhere and I love it.

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@kensanata @plants The purple one is an orchid, I'd guess a Marsh orchid.

@kensanata as does @wim_v12e, i think the purple one is an orchid. Probably in the Dactylorrhiza genus.

@botaflo @kensanata Yes, marsh orchids (there are quite a few variants) are in the Dactylorrhiza genus. It could be Dactylorhiza majalis, but I'm not sure.

@wim_v12e @botaflo my stepdad just chimed in on the family chat and suggested Sumpf-Knabenkraut, Anacamptis palustris.

well, actually it's difficult to state with precision since diagnostic caracters are not easy to see with acuracy. But yes Anacamptis palustris does look somehow close to your photo. But I'm not sure if Anacamptis have spotted/dotted leaves and it seems the plant on your photo does.
At least we agree it's an orchid 😄

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