eats a lot of CPU. This is our game session from yesterday: five people joined the conference, all of us with video. Some (or all?) of us switched to the "low bandwidth" setting, hoping it would simply help others with bandwidth. No idea what it does. πŸ˜ƒ
This virtual machine has two cores and six GB of RAM, and it serves all my sites and webapps, too.

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@kensanata not sure if this is correct, but some ppl said that Jitsi communication becomes much more expensive if any party uses FF instead of Chrome/chromium. Unconfirmed yet.

@arjenpdevries @kensanata Maybe. Could be. I can add that FF on a Mac or Chrome on a PC, the ventilators of both computers start to get wild when using jitsi. Number of people in the call do not seem to make much difference.
When I set video to low quality I don’t see much difference either.

@kensanata i still don't understand the reason for using video chats. Besides that it's imho a privacy invasion if one does not blur the background it makes no real sense unless you have to show something. Mumble works quite good for audio conferences.

@kensanata yeah, I found #jitsi hardly usable in groups, at least I can say I had a nice one-on-one conversation with my 85 year old mother last sunday 8-) she told me they're trying to do choir rehersals over jitsi ... I've yet to check out #jami

@kensanata @kensanata I've played with Jitsi on a server (separate server from my main machines). The log files might help with what it's doing. It's Java so having memory would be helpful.

Recommend giving it (or any program like this) their own instance (Linode works for this).

@kensanata You should try out mumble if you are not into video that much (its always pain in the ass). It works on a toaster, with low latency the audio is crisp and very smooth so far.
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