I love that we can have both magnificent flowers blooming and new buds just keep coming. This is the best time of the year.


So we had the five red ones, where the first ones are already falling apart again; then the two big ones watched over the Garuda on the wall, and in the last few days another opened two flowers… We are up to nine.

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I wonder how these flowers look in nature. Their heads are so big that sometimes we need to tie them to a post lest they bend over under their own weight.

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@plants many weeks later (and already having seen 70 flowers), there are still more on the way…

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Somebody recently asked me about hippeastrum leaves being too soft and bending and breaking, so here’s a picture showing that I sometimes also need to tie the flowers to stuff in order to keep pots from turning over or stems from breaking.

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@kensanata @plants woah, you really love those plants! I hadn't realised you had quite so many.

@GwenfarsGarden many years ago I decided that I wanted seeds and I used a watercolor brush to fertilize all the flowers and did not cut them off – that gave me plenty of material and I jumped from a handful to dozens. And from then on the bulbs also keep splitting off smaller ones – so now I basically can barely contain them, haha.

@kensanata No wonder you have so many then. It's great you've managed to get so many this way. You are definitely my go-to person for Hippeastrums :)

@kensanata @GwenfarsGarden That is so cool. Do you get a lot of variation in the offspring?

@clew all I can say is that I never bought white flowers so these (like the ones in the picture above) so these are new. @GwenfarsGarden

I have a patch of trees in front of my house, even if it is very close to a couple of roads (a cantonal and a local) they are invisible, and it looks as if I'm living in the woods. You heard the birds fro my window (these days they are super chirpy).

And the golden light before the sunset, and the pinks, the violets in the sky afterwards... nature really lifts my spirit, oftentimes.

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