What’s your favourite RSS feed reader?

I’ve got a few options to recommend for the web and macOS/iOS but not many browser extensions, or feed readers for Windows or Linux.


@laura Personally, I don't like feed readers that download all the entries and give me an unread count. I'm in the "river of news" camp. I've written a little script that fetches all the feeds and creates a static web page; I call it every four hours. In the tradition of Planet, Planet Venus and Planet Pluto, I call mine Planet Jupiter.


Example installation:

What is a River of News aggregator?

Thanks. Planets used to be really common for communities around programming languages and tools, e.g. planet.emacslife.com/ planet.debian.org/ pl6anet.org/
But I guess the others all got eaten by Google Reader, Bloglines, and now Feedly and friends? Or perhaps the decline of blogging in general.


@kensanata Wow you're right I totally forgot about them as a thing - was most familiar with Planet Quake as my source for maps for, well, Quake, the video game. @laura

@kensanata @emsenn @laura So I found this plugin [1] to nicely integrate with my static website. In principle this would work if I just rebuild the website with a daily cronjob. Is this a good idea? The alternatives would be

1. to populate the feeds dynamically using JS. Sounds lightweight but would send several requests everytime it loads :/
2. deploy a stand alone server side application


@ashwinvis Nice; sounds like the other planets out there! In my case I run a cron job every four hours to fetch the feeds; but then I also offer it as a “service” to other people interested in the topic.
@emsenn @laura

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