Internet is getting better and now I don’t know whether I am still going to fly back to Switzerland – we canceled the last hotel, booked another flight from the mainland in two days, but we don’t know how to get to the mainland in time. Apparently there will be more planes to get foreigners off the islands or something. I wouldn’t mind staying until summer but … jobs 😞 This is the first time I’m involved in such a mess and I’m not enjoying this. Let’s look at pictures instead.

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We have a flight for tomorrow, with a 9h layover in Guayaquil. Can’t be picky at times like these. Let’s hope all goes well. Also, Internet is so bad it makes you appreciate barebones websites and apps designed to save bandwidth. 😀 Also, phone quality is bad and thus WhatsApp text and voice messages have been very useful in order to talk to travel agents on the main land. That was surprising in a good way.

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I‘m guessing the corona virus outbreak is good news for the environment? Pollution down, industry down, travel down? Is this the time when people realize that we could simply do half of everything and live just as happily? Chances are slim but sometimes I feel like that would be the best outcome in the long term.

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How weird. That last photo is not rotated by 90° in my photo app.

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I’m thinking about the origin of species, of reptiles arriving on the Galápagos Islands when there was nothing but lava and having to eat algae, eventually turning into salt sneezing, diving, marine iguanas.

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If you need cheering up, I can recommend watching 22s of a swimming around, hunting.

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@kensanata My god, why would you leave. Looks like paradise.

@bamfic like I said – jobs. 😫 My wife starts a new job on April 1st and I guess it’d be helpful if she actually showed up on that day. 🤷🏻

@kensanata But by April 1st, won't everything still be shut down because of coronavirus?

@bamfic at my office they split all project teams in half, alternating in home office and on premise

@kensanata oh dear 💙💙💙 i hope things go ok - sorry you are stuck in it

@kensanata Sounds like the plot of an movie. Zombie outbreak and you are trapped on the Galapagos islands. Bet Brad Pitt plays you in the movie.

@kensanata [ Shot of the Pacific from a cliff. A man and a woman are seen, the man gazes out over the ocean, swelling music plays. In the background the woman can be seen talking animatedly on the phone. She completes the call and turns to the man.]

CLAUDIA: Kensanata, we have to go back! They are panic buying cuckoo clocks back home.

[ Dissolve to black ]

@kensanata I hope you are back at home, safe and sound and Bruce Willis wasn't too much of a bother in releasing those animals.

@alephnull We will have arrived back home safely once I've got these troublemakers back in quarantine… 😁 But yeah, we made it back just in time. How are you and J doing?

Jenny and the kids are back in China where the panic had died down somewhat. They are in "self-qurantine".

@kensanata Safe travels. Your post has me realize that perhaps I should move my CSS away from inline, so you can disable CSS if you are so inclined.

@takeonrules then again, most people are traveling with their phones and if things are tight they might just end up using a text browser app instead of trying to figure out how to disable CSS on their default browser app.


Reminds of a great rant by George Carlin. Excerpt:

"We’re going away. Pack your shit, folks. We’re going away. And we won’t leave much of a trace, either. Maybe a little Styrofoam … The planet’ll be here and we’ll be long gone. Just another failed mutation. Just another closed-end biological mistake. An evolutionary cul-de-sac. The planet’ll shake us off like a bad case of fleas."

@smays in these cases I alway wonder how long earth will take to recover from hot house earth. We have a land mass in the arctic and not too much volcanic activity. Also, some things change forever. We now have bacteria to break down wood so fossil fuels will form at a fifteenth of the rate during the age of dinosaurs, making a restart harder. Also how many cycles do we have before the sun grows too hot and close for life?


“how long earth will take to recover from hot house earth”

From the hip, now…
Time is a human construct, so...

And what does “recover” mean from a non-human perspective.

“how many cycles do we have before the sun grows too hot and close for life?”

The Milky Way galaxy contains between 100 and 400 billion stars and at least 100 billion planets.

Nobody (but us) will miss ours.

@smays nobody but us will miss us – true, but also: that is the only thing that matters in as far as missing and mattering require humans and to simply be a nihilist means abjuring those very human qualities. I am a human. I will miss humanity. Nihilism is a position that doesn’t need to be communicated by nihilists and that others don’t care to hear, I think. Perhaps it’s a religious-like solace: all life must end, don’t be sad. Fine, but also: struggle for life, ye humans!


My apologies, Alex. Didn't mean to come across as a nihilist (but surely did).

Humanity will survive the current crises and -- possibly -- be better on the other side.

@kensanata TIP [¹]: it's mostly fungi, not bacteria, and most coal formed (and the fungus ability to break down lignin evolved) well before the dinosaurs existed.


[¹] Totally irrelevant pedantry.

@kensanata I heard 1 million Chinese ppl die annually due to lousy air -- and that the air quality has made a huge improvement in China due to #coronavirus. I really wish this would get a spotlight. It would calm ppls nerves & also seed the need for #climate action.

@kensanata Your photo app interprets the exif data correctly, mastodon apparently doesn't.

@kensanata that's because they've got water-cooled cores ;)

@kensanata I hope the pandemic experience will wake up a lot of people to the brittle nature of global supply chains, and increase interest in (non-nativist) #bioregional localism.

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