Here's another Mastodon quick help toot because it took me a while to understand the user interface: if you click on a toot, you will see all the ancestors (the chain that leads to the one you are looking at) and all the descendants (all the replies and their replies in turn). But in order to see the whole conversation, you now need to scroll up to the top and click the first (!) toot of the conversation: you'll see no new ancestors but ALL the replies.

@kensanata Ajl tge conversation minus the answers posted with "followers-only" visibility setting from people you're not following. Which is very annoying, because all you see sometimes is a damn monologue mentioning another user…

@devnull Yeah, that’s yet another user interface weirdness. I do like the reduced visibility options, however, so it’s not clear to me that there is a good solution to this.

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