Wow if you look at the profile of @Deepsealioness you can see the Indian influx as it unfolds. Welcome, welcome! 🥳


If you’re new to Mastodon, write a post and tag it . Add some more hashtags indicating your interest and post it. Then got to the context menu and pin it to your profile. Click on the hashtags and find other people, new people, welcome them and spread the news. In the beginning, hashtags are an important way of finding people to connect to.

If you want a cool emoji next to your name, just put it into the name field. You can be 💯☣️❤️⛺️🏔🥇🥋☀️🐥🦁 or whatever else you want. You can even be verified. ✅ But don’t put too many emoji in your name because screen readers will read every single one of them and that gets very annoying very fast, I presume. Mastodon also allows every admin of an instance to have custom emoji that can be seen on other instances. It’s pretty cool. Not all the apps support entering them, though. 😅

If you’re on Mastodon with a single persona, talking about some far out topics can feel odd. People solve this by creating accounts on other instances. I have an account for tabletop roleplaying games on the appropriately named instance There are other special interest instances! Board games, free software, LGBTQI, and many more. Most Mastodon clients make it pretty easy to switch between instances. Thus, the tradition of alts continues on the Fediverse. See you elsewhere. 🐣

@kensanata Indian Twitter is full of politics rarely interested in other stuff because we are fighting fascism

@Deepsealioness I like it! I’ve already met some of them, sadly. The inditoot admin knows me, for example, if you look at his first pinned toot you’ll see my face: – I guess he didn’t like my blog post about him… 😄🖖🏻

@kensanata am so sorry he is being nasty to you but you will see more directed at us. The jargon is chrislamocommie basically anyone against hindutva nazis are Christians, Muslims or communists . Half the fuckers don’t have basic infrastructure in their states and depend on us South Indians for tax money but think they are hitlers cousin brothers

@kensanata you can also use Sengi that is specialized in multi-account handling (no switch needed) 🙂

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