If only I could spell “brutalist” 😔
Or fix typos in Mastodon.

@kensanata The church of Hérémence is in quite a few of those pics. I remember it as a child, when it was quite new. I thought it was very beautiful then.

@kensanata What's the point of building a cheap church? There is too little opportunity to steal the public money that way, because too little money is involved and someone would notice.

@kensanata they really like their brutalism in Switzerland don't they?

@kensanata Man, when you wrote brutalist, I thought like German protestant churches which basically are all open concrete and box shaped belltowers... But those ones are way beyond!! 😮

@dennis I do t know why protestants seem to be attracted to these concrete constructions. Our local Protestant church: kirchenkreisneun.ch/grossekirc

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