I like how this Vice article on newly discovered public domain books (because 80% of authors didn't extend their copyright after 28 years prior to 1964) mentions the Mastodon bot @SecretlyPublicDomain in passing. Yay for the Fediverse, and the public domain!

Which Vice article?
Is there a way to browse the list by author? The Hathi site has a search facility, but that assumes you know what you are looking for.


@fitheach I fear knowing what you're looking for is the main problem when faced with thousands of titles...

The way I use Gutenberg, for example, is to scroll down the list of authors until I find one I recognise. I then look to see what is available by that author. Searching on keywords might make some sense for technical topics, but not for fiction, biographies or travelogues.

@fitheach Hm, the way I use it is I am looking for a particular book and then I check if Gutenberg already has it. Obviously the hit rate isn’t stellar but that’s the only use I’ve had for it since I no longer browse for random books I might like. My to-read list is too long. 😩

I have a different use case. Most nights I read for about 10 minutes, immediately before going to sleep. For this purpose I select some light reading from areas of fiction, biographies and travelogues. Selecting something in a semi-random fashion from the author list on Gutenberg works well for me.

I rarely have a reading backlog unless I am given a book as a present, and even then it is onlyone book.

@fitheach Sadly, there are too many unread books in my bookshelf because I used to like buying more than I liked reading them!

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