Google people listen to private recordings from around your house – to me this is obvious: there will be times when you unintentionally say the hot word or something like it and it will start recording. On my iPhone I can start playback by pressing a button on the headphones. Half the time Siri starts up even though I disabled it. All those seconds are getting sent to Apple, surely. There, it sounds like garbage so every now and then somebody will have to check whether it is Swiss German or not.


@syme Do you have a link to some source saying that this is happening without plausible deniability? I mean, it’s possible. But they would never admit it and I’m not going to accuse them of it unless I have some good Snowden-level evidence. Except TVs, of course:


I Don't. I do have a tendency to assume the worst is all. I purposefully didn't include any companies name to avoid the "false accusation" but I would be surprised if the DIDN'T abuse the technology

@syme I mean, I've heard unofficially that the employees of a Swiss phone company used to listen in to phone conversations for the laughs every now and then...

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