Disappointed to learn (hah!) that long ink cartridges made by Pelikan don’t work for pens made by Lamy and grumpy because I fear it won’t be easy to find the closest shop that sells them. Order online? Drive into the city center?

@kensanata get yourself a blunt syringe and a bottle of ink and never worry about getting new cartridges again.

(well, probably unless traveling or something.)

Or a converter like all other pen enthusiasts 😊😊

@pkotrcka The converter is the little transparent cartridge shaped thing with which to scoop ink from the flask and put into the pen, right? I have one of them, I just never used it because I feared it’d be messy. @brennen

@kensanata yes, for Lamy it usually has a red knob. But, actually, you put it into your pen, you put the pen into the bottle and ink it like that. But yes, you need at least one tissue to clean the nib and the section (part of the pen where you hold it), so cartridges are cleaner - but with converterm you can experience the wide world of inks 😄 @brennen

@pkotrcka Yeah, looks like what I have except it’s not red. OK, I’ll give this a try. 😀@brennen

@kensanata and which pen do you have? Safari? Or some higher model? @brennen

@kensanata that is a good one. I was not sure if I read that somewhere already and that was actually my secret guess 😄 I also have a Studio, brushed metal finish one, because that one has a plastic (less slipery) section 👍

@pkotrcka By now I have two: one for home use with an EF nib and one for office use with an F nib. Both of them are at home at the moment. 😀 But these are the only two fountain pens I have.

@kensanata I also only have a few.. not more like 60-70 pens.. so.. 😄

@kensanata not sure if you still have those moleskine notebooks.. those are crappy.. good for a ballpoint, maybe.. I am using a lot of L1917..

@pkotrcka I still do! I haven’t bought any new ones but there still a few to go through, sadly.

@kensanata uuuu, then I need to send you a nice notebook and ink sample.. to convert you 😄

@pkotrcka I recently spent 45min at a little bookbinding workshop and made two little things and I feel like buying more paper and stuff in order to make my own little notebooks.
The Leporello in particular was super easy to make.

@kensanata niiiice.. well done.. I have two left hands, so.. that is not for me, I hope that L1917 will be here for a moment or two 😄

@pkotrcka The one that worked really well for me and which I am determined to buy more of, once my supply of notebooks is exhausted, is Seawhite of Brighton. No ghosting whatsoever! 140gsm is what I need.

@kensanata well, it is not only about the weight, rhodia has under 100 and it is non-ghosting.. but also super glossy, so not my fav. paper.. this is how it looks in my L1917 notebook I am using for journaling, almost nothing is visible from the opposite side of the page. And I am using medium nibs almost exclusively in this journal.. Monblanc toffee brown ink in this picture, btw.

@pkotrcka Nice! Yeah, I’m not too keen on glossy paper. I was happy to see that this notebook I’m thinking of buying in the future does OK with small watercolor sketches.

@pkotrcka Medium nib! I always felt those nibs were made for giant hands. But your handwriting is nice and readable, very nice.

@kensanata well, thank you.. I am slowly shifting towards medium, also making my letter bigger, etc.. but a good fine nib is still usable for me.. Sailor one, for example 🤤 🤤 🤤

@pkotrcka Hehe. Well, time for bed over here. Thanks for the nice chat!

@kensanata also, this was written with taht notebook on my knees, so, not really that readable. this one could be a better example of my handwriting 😄 it is a small A6 Rhodia, so not much space to write there

@kensanata watercolor is another level, that is for sure 😄

@pkotrcka Sadly, I’m not too talented! I should practice more but I like programming too much!

@kensanata well, it is readable.. I think you could have a nice flow of letters, but yeah, practise makes a master.. also, it is in german, so not really readable for me because of that 😄

@dredmorbius yeah, I was just surprised to see that these cost about USD 50, here (“Iroshizuku, shin-kai”)

@dredmorbius Yeah, my mistake – ca. $50 is the price of the bottled ink at the nearby office supplies shop.

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