The feeling when you find an interesting profile on Mastodon and start scrolling through it only to see that there is never a reply to anybody. 😭

And then I’m out buying milk and ink and listening to the Thinking Allowed episode on beauty and the aesthetic labour some of us must perform. As we all learned that beauty is not just about looks but also about inner values, people must now only look good but also feel good: happy, playful, adventurous, optimistic.
And I’m looking at social media, myself included. 🤔 Hmmm. 🤨
Whenever I feel angry, or down, that isn’t the image I want to project…

@kensanata my father once described "social media" as "personal broadcasting", and there's definitely people that use it that way. Such a waste.

@kensanata The Greeks also had this idea of beauty (and truth) being terror-inducing. The Bacchanalians, iirc. I have always thought that a good rant is a thing of beauty. The lure of the dark side 😀

to be fair, I'm pretty sure mine looks like that to most users simply because of the sheer volume of initial posts

@enkiv2 indeed, the Mastodon UI has separate views for “initial posts” (and shared), and replies. So the default view is always very asocial.

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