Podcasts I’m currently “listening” to. These are the podcasts I listen to, and the ones I am subscribed to with the intent of listening soon. There also podcasts I am still subscribed to but I suspect I will unsubscribe soon enough, and a long list of unsubscribed podcasts. None of my podcast subscriptions are set to download episodes automatically. Been there, done that, ran out of storage on my phone. 🤨

Actually, now I went through the blog and added missing links to previous blog posts about my podcast listening such that – if you really wanted to! – you could click back through it until you get to the first blog post about me listening to a podcast, from 2005-07-12. I’ve been at it for longer than I remember! 😲
«I’m really enjoying the intro to 12 Byzantine Rulers. More history podcast power! Yay! 😀»

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