Got my first idiot (from sending me a message to join the don't marry movement. Little do they know that I've had a wonderful relationship for the last 27 years and 4 months (in a few hours), about twelve of them married. Too late, dear troll, too late. And as far as I can tell, I've made the right decision and I'm assuming you're too young to know that you're making all the wrong decisions in life…


Or more likely - incapable of dealing with a relationship themselves :)

@selea Who knows! These people need true friends and they make it hard to be their friends. That’s why the situation is so pathological. They can’t easily get themselves back together again. It’s Eric Berne’s Games People Play: pathological situations where the little twisted rewards prevent them from making progress and changing their circumstances.

@kensanata many of those are right adjacent bots and I report them... No hesitation

@holger The don’t marry movement is whole new level of idiocy. Sadly I see myself less surprised with every new stupid movement I learn about.

@kensanata there are movement's that seem so strange I kind of think they must be fictitious (?) But that's of course wishful thinking

@kensanata Ah, I got them as well, but it said not to marry an American woman. ^_^

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