Moving away from the Apple eco system is taking me years. We still have that MacBook Pro, and there still are Photos libraries (remember iPhoto?) – mine is still about 100GB. I totally need to move albums in there into folders on the drive. When your over 40 years old you start to appreciate that the only way to archive pictures, audio and video is folders and files. All these tools that use databases and what not will eventually fade from your life. Don’t get locked in. Even if they’re free!

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@kensanata I just comleted that migration by decommissioning our Macbook Air from 2011.

We still have Windows machines in the house, which unfortunately are needed to run Roblox. It used to be possible to run it in Wine, but that stopped working years ago and it's never been fixed. I wonder if the developers intentionally are blocking it from running on Linux.

@kensanata I have the same problem, not with Apple but with some google services. Digikam does a nice job managing my photos...

@xuv @kensanata There is this interesting thread on reddit about music consumption and the "generational gap": which makes me think that there's no generational gap, only people craving for easy to use services and UI

@kensanata @xuv I am more like the 22 y.o. that backups everything (my taste change less often though :)) than I am like the 56 y.o. that use spotify because "he's too old to listen to filler songs" … yet I am 42 :D. But it's not about collection but more about control over what I own and what I don't want to loose.

@nicoe "Is there really any album I can buy that I can't find on YouTube?" Holy cow, these statements on that Reddit thread! I still remember when I couldn't find Arabic and Turkish music online!

@kensanata @xuv Indeed the farthest you are from mainstream the less you can rely on those services. And I think this does not only apply to music :).

@nicoe This really is a good thread. Thanks for linking it!

@kensanata I agree. I currently use Google photos but I still have my pictures in folders on my Raid1.

One day I hope there is a good self hosted photo database thing, for now I wait.

@kensanata My pictures live in a Lightroom silo. But there is a way to store all metadata (not the changes made to the picture itself) into the image file. So when I import them in Shotwell or Digikam, the stars, tags and location information are imported as well. Isn't that possible in iPhoto/ as well?
BTW: My problem are all the modifications I made to the pictures - I can only export the finished pics.
I'm handcuffed to my 2009 Macbook as you are to yours. :(

@niebegegnet My main problem was that when I started up Shotwell, it wanted to import images into its own archive and I didn’t know where the images would end up and feared that once they were imported I could no longer move them around on the file system – the database used would refer to them by path. And then I was annoyed because it felt like (maybe just temporarily) stepping into another silo (even if free).

@niebegegnet in my case I noticed that the exported images seem to contain the names of the faces tagged (back when I was really into it) as keywords, but the album they belonged to did not appear. Again, the first problem is that it’s hard to know these things.

@kensanata I use #digikam just because I know it's also maintaining the iptc / excif / ... metadata as well 😉

@kensanata I know this feeling! Part of the reason I left Apple’s ecosystem was that same deterioration of Photos.

@amdt Let me also talk about my feelings regarding the deterioration of iTunes. Or rather, let me focus on moving all the media out of weird silos back into the filesystem where I can use the tools I like. Also, Photos just crashed for the second time today in mid-export. 😠

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