How many years until General Direct Dialed telephony dies?


#telephony #deathOfTelephony #robocalls

My premise is that the status quo is untenable, and that defections (not having a directly reachable line) will increase, especially among higher SES groups, killing network value.

All whilst service and maintenance costs are increasing.

Paradoxically, low-cost calls are killing the system due to the disutility of junk calls (#JevonsParadox #GreshamsLaw ). In areas, particularly the US, robocalls are a plague.

And I suspect the carriers are encouraging this.

Question is: what follows?


@dredmorbius Sounds like the development of social media: here in Switzerland people have mobile phones that aren’t listed in phone directories unlike landlines. Landlines are full of spam calls. Basically mobile phones are now like chat systems: one-on-one whitelists.

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