Listening to an interpretation of Arvo Pärt's Fratres by Linus Åkesson in the form of a dual SID tune, and reading his post about the structure of Fratres and Pärt's tintinnabuli style.

Linus Åkesson's site is so nice. Now I'm watching him play an electric organ that he turned into a instrument.

And now I'm watching Linus Åkesson playing like crazy on the PO-28 and PO-20 from Teenage Engineering. I love it!

@kensanata I'm a big fan of that site, lots of wonderful content on a range of geeky things. I have referred to his "TTY demystified" article ( more than once!

@solderpunk Amazing! I got about half way in before I started wondering why you had to refer to this stuff. And more than once! I sure gave me that old-time feeling when I started learning about signals and pipelines and job control. Good times! 😃

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