I've kept using Gmail all this time because I feel that most email these days is like snail mail: it's mostly bills and spam, and password resets. In this situation, I feel Google's ability to keep criminals out of my emails is more important than me defending against their surveillance. But just barely so! Anyway, this has resulted in me aggressively deleting read mail. It feels quite liberating. πŸ˜ƒ

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@kensanata This is very much how I feel about Gmail. but I still want to move away from them as much as possible, and one way to get started on that is make email selective again. I've unsubscribed from a majority of my mailinglists and have started cleaning out read mail. People who want to reach me are directed to my alternate. Gmail can keep catching the spam though.

@kensanata Maybe it's just me, but I sometimes feel that some 'don't use Gmail EVER' toots are too abstract and don't take into account the users' intent.

Sure, if you want total privacy, use your own mail server. But then you have to deal with spam, lots of ads, lots of trivial mail that you read and delete; stuff that Gmail probably can organise for you better by being able to see what the mail is.

Letting both (private mail server or Gmail) do their jobs is a better choice.

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