It's free software. Rebranding is fine. That's what the freedom of free software is for: taking it, making changes, even if they make no sense, even if you just rebrand. Furthermore: remember Icecat? If you want to change Firefox, you must rebrand. It's part of the deal. I'm also reminded of the OGL where you must not mention compatibility with D&D so they all say stuff like "compatible with the first RPG". It's weird. But we also don't name all the libraries and dependencies. It's OK.

@kensanata sorry, and what is OGL? First time I see this abbreviation 😁️

@alexcleac @kensanata
Open Gaming License, the RPG Dungeons and Dragons was released under it 10 years back or so with the idea that you could create your own adventures and add-ons etc as long as you had the license printed in the back.

@ohyran @kensanata oh, didn't know that D&D had this feature :) However, as fast as I understand, most of current D&D worlds and adventures exist thanks to it, right?

@alexcleac Pathfinder is a fork of D&D 3.5, made possible entirely by the OGL.
Other examples exist, but that's a pretty major for-instance.

@alexcleac @kensanata
Well CURRENT DND doesn't have it this is for an older version (3.5?)

@ohyran @alexcleac @kensanata Yes, 5e D&D is OGL. There was a lapse during 4th Edition, which dropped the OGL, but 5e returned to it [sanity].

@kensanata so its nightly and ESR.. that means it is extended to 8, maybe even 8:30 am?


But then
>is designed by Purism

I'm tempted to resurrect the BSD advertisement clause.

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