Did Paypal change the commissions? I just sent somebody $10 and had to pay more than $3. What happened to micro-transactions? Are financial services finally on the verge of collapse, having gutted the entire world and now gutting themselves? Or is this just the same blood letting as every decade, capitalists being capitalists, leeching from everybody because they already have so much, enabling them to take even more ever so easily? Where's the guillotine emoji? Some days I miss it very much!

@kensanata should be 0.99 + some % fee in some cases. 2.99 is for higher transfers (still, paying 3 USD for 50 USD transfer is a bit too much)

@pkotrcka exactly! I wonder why I had to pay basically $1 + $2 to send $10 – a 30% fee. From CHF to USD? Not “a gift” or whatever they usually say in order to avoid VAT? I wonder.

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