The feeling when you are making coffee and heating some milk and a tiny fly is killed by the hot vapor and drops into the milk. A tiny dead black speck swimming in the white milk, in your coffee to be. ☕️

The top reason for drinking black coffee, right there.

Swimming? Not dead.

@fitheach Right, a dead fly ... floats? Probably the intestinal gases are already ballooning the tiny corpse... in my coffee!

Yeah, I drink my Mokka from those old Bialetti cans with milk; I only drink espresso black, I’m afraid. I think of my café latte as half of my breakfast. 😀


My first ever mug of coffee was made for me by my father, I was about six or seven years old. He made it the same way he drank it, with hot milk. I can still picture it to this day. The milk had formed a skin on top. To a very young me it looked horrible. I never drank that first mug of coffee. I love coffee, always drink it black.

Funny the things that stick in your memory.

@fitheach I used to hate that skin! But one day I realized you could dissolve it by swirling it vigorously. And then I realized I was lazy and the taste didn’t really change and it stopped bothering me. 😀

My aversion was reinforced when, as a teenager, I worked in a restaurant. One of my duties was to clean the milk machine. This machine held several litres of hot milk for use with coffee. The cylinder was lined with heatproof glass. The outside of this glass was heated with steam. After several hours of use there were multiple layers of dried-on milk skin. Lovely!

I can't find an image of the actual machine I used to clean, but the photo attached is from the same company and looks similar.

The cylinder on the left is probably the milk compartment.

You could be describing just about any product from Apple. 😉

@kensanata a bit of extra protein to keep you going this morning 😂

@carbontwelve I wonder what chitin is. Is it more like protein, or more like a indigestible wood? And what’s the proportion by weight if fly muscles to fly exoskeleton. Questions, questions. But at least I drank my coffee!

@kensanata haha, as an aside; I recently found out that human guts produce an enzyme for digesting chitin.

@carbontwelve @kensanata
does that mean eating mushrooms is not pointless at all?

@Wolf480pl this question teaches me how useless some searches have become. „mushroom nutritious“ is absolutely useless. Half the pages just open blank because of all the crap they use. @carbontwelve

@kensanata It could be worse: in a PK Dick story, the “fly” would be a surveillance device.

@wrenpile Also, pink lasers transmitting images of ancient Rome as it really is, milk has transformative effects on our internal organs, the flies are actually refugees from the black city that lies eternal, crime lords have started using induction cooking against the president, and more!

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