Just now my wife cut down the last flower of our collection. Then she looked at her notes. We had 120 flowers this season! Amazing. It all started with one or two I bought many years ago, and another two or three my hairdresser gave me when I told him he shouldn't throw them away. And the rest was all budding and grown seeds (just once, but it was enough to add dozens of plants).

@kensanata I have my first offset! The empire begins!

Mine have cycled themselves around to bloom in summer. I should dry them out sooner in early autumn, I guess?

@clew I live in Switzerland so what I do is I watch for the temperature outside at night: when it reaches 5°C, I cut off all the leaves and move them to the cellar. Our cellar has about 16°C and 70% humidity, I think; previous cellars where much warmer. There, they are stored without light and water but without disturbing their pot. After a few weeks, or if they sprout, I move them back up, and start watering them. Usually that means down in October and back up in December.

@kensanata Oh! You cut off green leaves! No time for the plant to pull resources from the leaves into the bulb? Wow.


@clew Yeah, I just assume that they had all summer to do that, and even though I try to remember to give them less water in the weeks up to their winter sleep, I often forget. Also, since we have so many, we start moving a pot or two per week and then we bring them up again, similarly timed. That’s how the blooming lasts from December to April.

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