The fediverse is Mastodon, Pleroma, Diaspora, Friendica, Hubzilla, Osada and all their friends, federating. But what do we call all the silos, the ad-based family of Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and friends? How about Adverse? It's true: a universe founded on ad serving. And a reminder that the offer plenty of adversity.

Also, Orkut, Google Wave, Google+ and other networks that have come and gone – are they the Necroverse?

@kensanata What do sites like us in the non-federated open web class as? :)

@ExilianOfficial “Hey, whatabout the rest of us, we are not dead yet! We are blogs, forums, wikis and all that, we were here first!!”

@kensanata I feel like most people only know the "necro" prefix from "necromancy", so that might not present the intended "dead and still dead" message

@kensanata discord and slack have too since thier privacy policy is horrible

@Zoidtes The Adverse is a big and welcoming family. All it's member silos stand alone, like rocks, like islands, like Alcatraz. Surely they will happily welcome Discord and Slack into their dysfunctional community.

@kensanata I have to say I'm digging concept of the ad-verse. Although I think it should be hyphenated (for now) so people are clear what is being referred to.

@kensanata Adverse is quite flawed. They are not a single place. They are all closed on themselves so not a *verse.

@lord Like the stars in the void they exist in the same universe, even as they isolate themselves from each other. Surely the suffix -verse does not imply federation, or sharing. Thus, it must apply to non-sharing, non-connected, isolated instances.

I agree. They work on a similar logic, so their differences are superficial in that regard even if they don't federate.

@kensanata @lord The thing about the AdVerse is that the user frontend looks like silos, but the tracking and data-sharing backend isn't. All the participants are united in their desire to know who you are, how they can learn your preferences, and how they might influence your decisions.

→ from versus, past participle of vertere "to turn, turn back, be turned; convert, transform, translate; be changed"
⇒ The adverse turns everything into ads, even users.
@bortzmeyer @lord

@kensanata @bortzmeyer @lord

Thank you ! Interesting.
So fediverse = turns into a federation, which I doubt was the meaning originally chosen; I suspect it was rather some kind of metaphor with "universe", with the idea of common space; but this idea rather comes from "uni" and not "verse".

So we could have named it rather "parsiverse", with the idea of turning everything into "sharing'" :)

@kensanata probably better than "gafam" that just names the companies, and therefore doesn't fit for similar companies that have different names.

@kensanata what about adtracktionverse? comes with ads, tracking and attraction (network effect of big platforms) :)


Great idea.

The Fediverse needs all the marketing(and propaganda) it can get.

@kensanata The Fediverse is the Internet. Facebook, Twitter, etc. are AOL. Or CompuServe.


Corpverse, Corpsphere

(Shitverse works for me, but others are somewhat more diplomatic)

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@kensanata I tend to use the neologism #DataFarms. Ads are a part of #DataFarming business models, but there are plenty of other ways that data is monetized. Also, the likes of FB and gOggle do a lot of buying data from third-parties, as well as selling it to them.

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