Corner of a room, with some context. We use mirrors strategically to make rooms seem larger.

ยท Amaroq ยท 4 ยท 3 ยท 7

As an antidote against the shitty US Patent protection of house plants, hereโ€™s another picture of our corner. Currently blooming in that large pot: 15. About to open: 3 more.
But please donโ€™t forget to speak up against and vote against intellectual property everywhere: copyright and patent is overreaching and overreacting every day. It is never in our best interest.

Usually, the has two flowers (when small), or four. This one recently got an extra: five flowers!

I think we already cut of more than twenty wilted flowers and there are still more coming. The joy of early spring! ๐ŸŒบ
Also getting used to the M mode on the camera.

Wohoo, this stalk has six flowers! Most only have four, or if they are young, only two.
This is what I love about these flowers: I posted the first pictures mid December and weโ€˜re still going strong!

I just canโ€™t help it. Iโ€™m in love with big flowers.
This one also taken with the olโ€˜ iPhone 6S, โ€žvivid warmโ€œ setting, and then edited to increase exposure in order to handle the backlight.

Some pictures taken with the bigger camera. Remember to mute the thread if you have seen enough. Apparently we will get new flowers in March. ๐Ÿ˜„

My wife has been counting the flowers she has cut down 106 this season. 106! And there are still a few of them blooming. From December to April. I love it. The one pictured is tiny, maybe 10cm across unlike the 16cm or more we usually see, with the first light of the sun upon it.

Just now my wife cut down the last flower of our collection. Then she looked at her notes. We had 120 flowers this season! Amazing. It all started with one or two I bought many years ago, and another two or three my hairdresser gave me when I told him he shouldn't throw them away. And the rest was all budding and grown seeds (just once, but it was enough to add dozens of plants).

@superruserr Itโ€™s a gimmick we got as a present. Basically you combine two half sentences into a question.


I have'nt thought of that actually, or I have'nt seen anything like it here in Sweden.

Next thing is that they are going to patent specific types of dogs too?

@selea I'm sure Sweden is part of the PCT.
Sadly, the German Wikipedia pages don't link to Swedish translation.
says the EPA has been granting paptents on plants since 1989.


Wait what?
"shitty US Patent protection of house plants" - do you have info about that?

Well, patents on plants have been possible for a long time. It just took a long time to reach the house plant market.

@kensanata I don't mind this thread, but am not sure muting single threads is possible in #Mastodon?

@kensanata I see, I can mute this conversation from notifications now because I'm mentioned in it but can't hide the thread from the stream. That's what the feature request linked at the end of the one you've linked seems to be about:

@kensanata I have my first offset! The empire begins!

Mine have cycled themselves around to bloom in summer. I should dry them out sooner in early autumn, I guess?

@clew I live in Switzerland so what I do is I watch for the temperature outside at night: when it reaches 5ยฐC, I cut off all the leaves and move them to the cellar. Our cellar has about 16ยฐC and 70% humidity, I think; previous cellars where much warmer. There, they are stored without light and water but without disturbing their pot. After a few weeks, or if they sprout, I move them back up, and start watering them. Usually that means down in October and back up in December.

@kensanata Oh! You cut off green leaves! No time for the plant to pull resources from the leaves into the bulb? Wow.

@clew Yeah, I just assume that they had all summer to do that, and even though I try to remember to give them less water in the weeks up to their winter sleep, I often forget. Also, since we have so many, we start moving a pot or two per week and then we bring them up again, similarly timed. Thatโ€™s how the blooming lasts from December to April.

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