PSA for people posting URLs: as Mastodon servers and clients get to guess where your URLs begin and end, your safest best is to simply put them on a separate line (at the end for better legibility, for example). And most of all: no putting them in parenthesis!

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@kensanata if only there were a way to mark links so that nobody needs to guess with some kind of text symbols. Someone should invent that.


And don't put them in the middle https://example.comofyoursentence

@kensanata did you have any issues with my inline links? i try to take care of proper separation but do not necessarily use a dedicated line.


In my opinion, surrounding URLs by angle brackets is the best way. It is defined in one of the RFC standards <>:

> In practice, URI are delimited in a variety of ways, but usually within double-quotes "", angle brackets <>, or just using whitespace:


> These wrappers do not form part of the URI.

PS: #orgMode recognizes this URL format.


But .. it looks like either #mastodon or my client app #mastalab (@tom79) is considering the ending '>' or '"' as part of the URL :/

@kaushalmodi Sure. But thatโ€™s not what Twitter, Mastodon, Google+ and others do. Most importantly, they all strip punctuation at the end. For these URLs I had to add a redirect, for example:!


> But thatโ€™s not what Twitter, Mastodon, Google+ and others do.

Yes, I learned that only after I typed that toot.

Mastodon is encoding the closing '>' as part of the URL.


Well, above RFC has been superceded by , but that says the same thing, that URLs should be delimited by angle brackets or double quotes or whitespace.

@Gargron Can you consider making #mastodon recognize that (see Appendix C of RFC3986). See below how the ending '>' and '"' are incorrectly encoded as part of the URL:

- <>

- ""

@kaushalmodi @kensanata I would love to, but the URL matching regexes are nothing short of complicated...

@gargron Yeah, I know. We actually talked about URL matching before so I donโ€™t expect that to change. I approve of your approach to use a library. As it is, people can at least adapt even if itโ€™s not perfect. @kaushalmodi

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