I’m hoping to post many more pictures over the coming weeks. This is but the first flower that is blooming. I’ll try to keep this in one thread so if you want to mute it now, muting this one is your best bet.

Second flower this year! Sadly it’s raining outside and the light is dim – gotta see with your soul’s eye!

Same subject, but black and white because grey skies make color pictures dull.

And in bloom as well! Our friends told us that we might have been watering them to often (once a week). So switched to once a month and soon enough: bloom!

@kensanata I ran into a similar issue with two succulents. I would water them when the top of their soil got dry, when I should've waited until the soil on the *bottom* of the pots became dry. It still amazes me how long the little shits can go without water, but when I stopped watering them as often, they starting growing better. Sadly there's not as much sunlight where I am, so I probably won't see any blooms until I invest in a UV lamp and give those desert buddies more of what they need.

Nice flowers!

@zlg I've also been growing succulents for years, now. I've never seen a single flower. 😢

@kensanata Aw. 😦 I wonder what they need in order to get that process started. Maybe temperature has something to do with it? They're suited for really hot weather, and I have a sneaking suspicion we're both further north (and cooler) than what they're built for.

@zlg Well, I've heard stories of people putting their succulents into the fridge to trigger bloom. After all, the desert gets really cold at night, too.

@kensanata Wow, that's a neat trick. I'd be worried about leaving it in there too long and killing it. Good point, though. Deserts are harsh.
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