@sysdharma asked about feed aggregation on his phlog, recently. I used Feedly for the longest time. Mostly because it played really well with my Reeder app on the phone. These days, however, I use newsboat. But I also don't read that many feeds any more. I know, I know. The switch allowed me to slow down and just do less.

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I don't quite understand. He wants other sites aggregated in to his phlog, or he wants a feed of his phlog that can be aggregated elsewhere?

I'm a fan of Ikiwiki -- -- and it makes it easy to create feeds for arbitrary groups of pages. It's a wiki compiler for web pages, but it uses Markdown, and if it doesn't support plain-text out-of-the-box, it should be easily extended to allow it.

I see it as suitable for a dual web/gopherspace aesthetic.

@yam655 The question was: "I need some help finding a replacement for FeedHQ. It's a great service and I have a subscription until mid 2019, but it seems the owner is shutting the service down. Yes, it runs open source software and I could self-host, but I'm willing to pay someone to do this work. What services do you use for RSS aggregation and sync'ing across devices?" @sysdharma

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I totally read that post wrong!

What about @darius's RSS to ActivityPub actor script? (He has a pinned toot about it.) You're both on Mastodon. It allows you to read your RSS feeds right along with your other toots.

@yam655 I wonder about the usability of that. Generally speaking I feel that social media has a toy like quality when it comes to information processing. I keep thinking about the old Usenet clients. And similarly, most feed readers – while still not as cool as those Usenet clients – are still miles ahead of fediverse clients. @sysdharma @darius

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An imperfect Fediverse client that you actually use every day is far better than a perfect RSS aggregator that you forget exists. I think this is why some email clients have RSS feed capabilities: it's a program folks are already using daily.

Maybe other people don't have that problem. How many feed readers have I tried? I don't know, but I know how many I actively use, and that's none.

(I also wonder how Usenet could be redesigned to fix the bad actor issues.)

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