I tried to copy a drum kit from the OP-1 to the PO-33 but I was disappointed. I was using a typical cable, no particular grounding, and I had two problems: 1. there was a terrible hum as soon as I plugged the cable into the PO-33 (even without an OP-1 connected); 2. perhaps because of 2, the slicing was terrible. In the end, I found a drum kit on a YouTube video which I played on the iPad. 1/2

Connecting the iPad to the PO-33 was much less of hassle: slicing worked much better, humming was much lower. What am I doing wrong? Something about grounding? Both are battery driven so this is not the AC current I'm hearing, I think. 2/2


Using the Animoog to generate sound, sampling it on the PO-33 (no drum kit, though), and playing two or three bars to make some jingles worked nicely, though! alexschroeder.ch/podcast/jingl

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