@gcupc recently wrote a great article about the qualities of Usenet clients. I don’t know how useful the article is if you have never used one but for me it was a trip down memory lane and I agree: we have adopted the most dumbed down user interfaces and I don’t of a single fediverse client that is as powerful as Gnus was back in the days (and still is, even if Usenet is not).
“keep up with a larger feed by reading less.” Yes!

@kensanata @gcupc Not being an emacs user, I never used gnus. However, I do remember tools like 'rn' and 'tnn' (IIRC) which were very serviceable for me. I do miss having a plain-text feed.

@kensanata I love Gnus and use it to read all my email, including a few high-volume mailing lists, but never got into Usenet, unfortunately. Does it still support RSS but not Atom? I wish I could use it as a feed reader. 🗞🧐

@amdt Back when I tried it, updating didn't happen in the background so it was a pain to use for feed reading, actually.

@amdt I think at one point I had set up a cron job that ran rss2email and the emails then got filtered by Gnus into special groups and that was pretty cool.

@kensanata I suppose it could do with a dedicated backend? 🤔

@amdt yeah, but remember that the ActivityPub subject is being (an)used as CW and thus most posts won’t have any. That’s a UI issue you need to solve.

@kensanata Personally I’d prefer a very different UI for ActivityPub in Emacs.

@amdt @kensanata may be of interest. It converts atom and rss feeds into pseudo newsgroups.

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