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Finding new people to follow is hard for newbies on any platform. I'm hoping that can help. What I need is people volunteering to be on lists so newbies can follow a bunch of people right away. Please reply to this post if you agree to be on a list. Feel free to suggest new lists that I haven't thought of. (Living in my own filter bubble, I know!) Please boost!
Also looking for more lists. 😃

@kensanata feel free to add this account to Linux, I guess that’s the most appropriate.

This one is my gaming and other randomness account; @ignitionigel bring my main account @kensanata

@kensanata I'm okay with being on any list (Emacs comes to mind from the existing lists, perhaps with a hint of Linux). I'd also suggest "Hardware" as a list, there's plenty of people on the fediverse posting about various hardware adventures: keyboards, retro computers, among other things.

Perhaps "Makers" would be a more suitable name, but that feels a bit more restricted (for example, my keyboard firmware stuff may fit the Hardware list, but I don't think it'd fit Makers).

@algernon Thanks! I think we need a list for keyboards. I remember @kbp! And somebody hat a ton of self-made keyboards pinned. Was it @ckeen? @technomancy also comes to mind. "Hardware" is a bit too general, I think. But something to keep an eye on, of course.

@ckeen @kensanata @kbp @technomancy That's also a good list (but not a replacement for "Keyboards", in my opinion; there can be plenty of overlap though!)

@algernon @kensanata @kbp @technomancy Yes, overlap is always good. Maybe like tags? I think oddmuse can handle tags, can't it?

@ckeen Yes it can but this isn't Oddmuse. Maybe it should have been! But right now it's text files and some Perl code... Actually it does sound like Oddmuse. A bastard child!

@ckeen Actually, is your account locked? That's maybe a reason not to recommend it to newbies?

@kensanata Yes it is locked, but I check requests regularily and am using the locking mechanism to keep out spambots and idiots

@kensanata regarding keyboards, @obra might be a good fit too. Worth asking at least!

@algernon Hm. @obra looks like a good fit based on the bio, but then it turns out to not be very active and not having posted anything about keyboards?

@kensanata *nod*, @obra isn't too active here, but hopefully that'll change in the future. Perhaps include him then (assuming he's ok with it, of course)?

(he's the mastermind behind the #Keyboardio Model01 by the way, for a bit of context)

@kensanata @algernon yeah, working on figuring out a migration here from birbsite.

@algernon @kensanata I see what you mean about Makers being more restrictive than Hardware, but I'd had the opposite reaction to seeing Hardware, as that (to me) implies that computers/electronics are involved somewhere and there are many makers for whom computers are a tiny part of their making, if at all. Maybe have both? I'm happy to be on either/both lists, btw.

@amcewen @algernon Hm, I guess I'm going to be liberal and use Makers. That's certainly a word newbies will be looking for.

I fail to understand why. Read a lot of posts, mask the authors you don't see contributing usefully (maybe cat pictures ?) and follow the most interesting. Then look who they themselves follow. In 2-3 days it is already much more interesting and the picture of YOUR taste.

I don't like the idea that people are put in files. Actually it is forbidden in many countries. It is much better to let people do the job by themselves.

The simple fact that a file exists has to be registered in many countries, in Europe for example. Better to avoid putting a foot in this path. Even filing public data such as twitter id's and curriculum is forbidden and very dangerous, I think.
Just to give my grain of salt.

@homardelac Do you have some links? GDPR doesn't seem to be a problem, as far as I can tell. Swiss data protection law also features an exception in art. 4d: "Ne sont pas soumis à déclaration les fichiers ... les fichiers contenant exclusivement des données qui ont été publiées ou qui ont été rendues accessibles au public par
la personne concernée sans que cette dernière se soit formellement opposée au traitement"

Just follow the scandal of EU DisinfoLab in France. They bought the full twitter data base and classified the people politically to try to show a russian influence in the last president scandal. A number of complaints have been filed against them. The first problem imho is the simple fact that twitter maintain this database.
GDPR is not the full story.

You may find some useful data on this blog :
Other european countries have similar organisations as the french Cnil.

@homardelac @kensanata how are Mastodon accounts personally identifiable data? Lists can be created on Twitter without consent of the list members.

Under the new European GDPR, putting people in files is regulated. Even if people use id's, it is easy to profile them.
Only a few posts are enough.

@homardelac @kensanata again, if this were the case (and I’m far too lazy to go through pages and pages of boring regulations to find out), then Twitter lists would also not be GDPR compliant. Indeed much more so since it is done without explicit opt-in, like here.

@kensanata I would love to use this, but for some reason, I always get a "Something went very wrong" rainbow-vomiting unicorn dinosaur. What do I do wrong? :)

@JollyOrc I finally figured it out! OAuth requires you to provide the redirect URLs when you register the app and I was using a different URL for every list. So, it worked for the very first list, and never for any other list. 😭 I had to rewrite it so that it now uses cookies. I hope it works for you!

@kensanata the good news: No visible error message.

Sadly, clicking Ok doesn't do anything, as Chrome console reports: "Refused to send form data to '<URL>' because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive: "form-action 'self' <URL> <URL>"."

@kensanata "Academia" might be a better list than "Science". If you do create that list, you can add @jaranta on it.

@jonne @jaranta Sounds good to me! And these two accounts belong to one person, right? I don't want to sign up strangers. 😀

@kensanata Yes, both are me. (Answering from the other account now.)

@kensanata You can also add this account to Information Technology and Vegetarian -lists.

@kensanata perfectly fine to be on lists

(linux, emac, keyboards, mastodon, functional programming, hardware, science)

@kensanata how would you classify a generalistic or multi-aspect account?

@trwnh I have no idea! Perhaps we need more poetic list titles. "Many different topics but all of them interesting" or something like that. Do you have a suggestion for a good name?

@kensanata To use myself as a personal example (though I can't exactly promise they'll be good -- I'm rather shitpost-adjacent), the words I'd use are perhaps "Humor" (very loosely), "Misc" (for miscellany), "Culture" (not necessarily pop), "Design" (in a theoretical and systems sense, but not strictly that)... it just seems like the current taxonomy is pretty boxy.

@trwnh Yeah it is! I was just talking to @dredmorbius and we thought of stuff like "Applied Philosophy" and "Tactical Philosophy". Not sure what to make of this. "Interesting People". But many people think they're interesting and I don't think so. It's a hard problem.

@kensanata I like the Salon concept. Where a salon has a host and set of generally addressed topics.

@dredmorbius I love that, too. Perhaps I should have a list called "The Salon of @kensanata: Applied Philosophy, Code, History, and the Law".

Art, photography, linux lists for this account.

Already doing this for don't mind doing the same for other newcomers to fediverse.

Also could we have a list for FLOSS (open sourced software)? There is a lot of people who are interested in open sourced software without it necessarily being focused on linux in particular

@eylul Sure. FLOSS? I'd prefer "Free Software" myself but that just shows how I got into it all. 😃

Actually full version might be better as there are several different acronyms around. ;D

so: "free/libre open sourced software" (or open source if that's too long)

I fully understand (and a lot of people come via that direction at first) but the distinction between freemium and FOSS/FLOSS is important to people this list would be for. :)

...and of course the final call is up to you. :)

Thanks by the way for making these lists. :)

@eylul Sure! When I said Free Software I meant I'm from the hardcore camp who believes Richard Stallman when he says that there is an ethical gap between Free Software and Open Source Software. And that's not even talking about gratis, that's just the question of whether Freedom should be front and center of it all.
I don't think Mastodon lists have a length limit. The API documentation doesn't say. So perhaps I should avoid the acronym... Hm.

Ah my bad, used to misunderstandings but shouldn't have assumed... :) One thing I love about the Turkish translation of 'free software' is that the word free (gratis) and free (freedom) are separate words in Turkish. So it is possible to say "özgür yazılım" without having to go into nuances of this particular discussion... (Or someone accidentally misunderstanding what free stands for - which by the way is why artwithopensource tag doesn't have the word free in it xD)

@eylul Hehe, same in German. Freie Software is confusing because how can a thing be free but it certainly doesn’t mean gratis. 👍🏽

@kensanata @eylul I think Russian and some other Slavic languages have the same - svoboda (and variants) means just freedom.

Polish adds a twist as usual - "wolny" (free as in freedom) also means "slow" :):)

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