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The days in are long. We walked the Old town up and down, went to , took pictures of all the animals, more walking, went to hotel, changed shoes, went on a "Ghost Tour" in the evening, more walking, but we finally got a table for two at Fem Små Hus and had an excellent dinner. Tomorrow, I just want to look at the sea, listen to the sea gulls and write Sindarin poetry. But where? ? Or something smaller? Within reasonable travel distaince?

Alex Schroeder 🐝 @kensanata

We checked all the recommendations we got but then we decided to go to instead. It seemed to promise a bath in the sea and lying on warm rocks in the shade and most importantly of all, calm dolce far niente. And it was a success! Dinner at Tennstopet was also good. Tomorrow, museums, I guess. ABBA and Vasa are the ones on my list. Anything we should definitely do instead of those two? Tomorrow will be the last day in , . Sunday we're back in Switzerland.

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@kensanata I went to Skansen and found it very nice!

@Eidon We went for the nordic animals and weren't disappointed. Hadn't seen wolverine, wisent, elk and reindeer before. 👍

@Eidon @kensanata You better have gone to the old hanging hill Alex... just saying. You will not regret it

@kensanata galgberget and Sista Styverns Trappor is the one to go to.

I could show you a google streetview but it would ruin the awesomeness of it.

@ohyran Right, Sista Styverns Trappor! I remembered it as the nicest view. Will make sure to take a look tomorrow.