Alex Schroeder 🐝

Ok, we’re in , , handed back the car, ran back to the hotel and saw the tourist traps (according to the best Swede we know, @ohyran). Tomorrow, public transport, old town, rune-stones, and what not. Probably lots of Toast Skagen or Räksmörgås.

@kensanata the text in the street is Stringberg quotes (his apartment is on that street (or was, now its a museum)) also at the north end of it is the ghost mansion.

@kensanata Also since I am fairly certain you guys don't know that many Swedes I will take the honorific title of "best Swede" to heart and endeavor to kill all other Swedes to keep it. :)

@ohyran How appropriate. It’s either by burning people alive or stabbing them with shit infested knives…

@kensanata Look I didn't set the design specs for this place, I just implement them ;)

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