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Haha, some people are weird. Somebody posts “I really love X have been using X for many years”. Half the people replying: “Have you tried Y? I’m really happy with Y!”
What kind of conversation is that? What is the expected outcome? “No” – “Well, you should?” – “But I just said how I’ve been using X for years!” – “But I’m happy with Y! You should try it!” – I could go on.
Don’t do this.

@loke @saper But the person is telling you that they love it and that they have been using it for many years. At least tell them that you also used it, and it was bad because of a list of reasons which you then provide, and recommend an alternatives, and provide a list of benefits. That is minimal viable response on this track, I think.

@kensanata @loke @saper It's just throwing opinions at each other. Can be fun and socializing, but hardly leads to change.

@skalman Absolutely. It depends on whether change is a goal of conversation. There are of course many other reasons for conversation.

@kensanata @skalman trying to change a conversation partner directly usually leads to adverse results :)

@saper @kensanata Indeed. I was thinking about trying Y instead of X. That kind of change.

@skalman @saper Yeah. I keep thinking of some esoteric trivia I once heard: helping other people only ever works if they ask for it. Extending this to other kinds of situations helps me navigate the “unwelcome advice” problem people sometimes experience. It was also good advice for me in my relationship, haha.

@kensanata 😂😂😂

Cos they think they can convert you to y

@kensanata It's similar if you post something positive about something and there is often someone who absolutely has to tell you how they hate it. It's beyond me, I just don't get it

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