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also I thought "democratically elected queen" was the silliest line in The Phantom Menace but then (gestures at history)

also midichlorians are mitochondria, which in real life give you neat Force powers like 'metabolism'

I’ve been playing SW Heist on my iPad for quite a while, now. It is pretty rare for me to play video games for a long time (or at all) these days.

Show me one person who believed, in 1982, or maybe especially in 1985 after the Amiga 1000 came out, that people would still be making and selling new C64 games in 2018.

And yet people are doing just that. Simply amazing.

A friend of a friend bought 3 of them and claims they are genuinely good games too.

Apparently some silly USians want to extend copyright again:

Repeating my Twitter reaction:

When will musicians realize that their biggest competitor is ALL THE PAST RECORDINGS EVER and revolt against this madness?

The Internet is not what makes music hard work. Never was! It's competing with Elvis & Mozart.

Demand the right to build on the past, not compete with it.

It bothered me enough that I hadn't written a summary ('review') of Tetlock/Gardner's that I trawled through my notes and came up with this:

It's a great book. I learned more from it than probably 90% of things I've read. And the things I learned from it are of the sort that just build on each other, so they'll help me learn more and more, and help me better avoid learning things that aren't true. What more can one ask for?

One of the appeals of teaching yourself how to draw, write, make music, program, and the like, is that those hobbies have become the only way for many people to feel some kind of connection to what they make.

In a system where people are treated as if they are basically fungible totally isolated from their labour, their environment and even themselves, the hobby piece becomes a rare way for people to look at something, feel a real connection to it, and say "this is me, only I could do this."

@zigg I just started my nephew off with tic-80 and pico-8. If he’s comfortable with 2d games, with a retro vibe, those might be good.

The neat thing about those platforms is that there are plenty of existing games who’s source code is available for you to tweak. All games written in (a subset of) lua.

Alternately, I’ve read a lot of good things about building games in roblox. It’s got a lua based dev environment that looks to be pretty easy to pick up.

Maybe this is totally flawed but it looks like a good idea to me:

"I learned long ago that misunderstandings are abundant in Internet discussions, and therefore one should never blame the reader nor the writer for their existence. One should rather try to clarify the intent to improve understanding and diminish misunderstandings."

Eli Zaretskii on gmane.emacs.devel

Parrot Project - Parrot Security OS
Most security folks know about Kali Linux, but there are quite a few alternative security-focused Linux distributions out there.

Parrot is a GNU/Linux distribution based on Debian and focused on Penetration Testing, Digital Forensics, Programming and Privacy protection.

You can download different spins (including an ARM version that can run on the RPi) and try it out for yourself.

@kensanata whatever really touches and moves me is what I'm tooting about, same goes for boosting. it's simple, no need to count boosts etc. 😀

@kensanata I kinda worry about spamming when I boost five-seven #introductions consecutively, but then I figure that if I do it two or three times a month it's not that spammy, and that it's not me flogging one pet issue, but helping connect others. If you're boosting you're helping to connect others.

The feeling when boosting things and you’re wondering whether you’re averaging more boosts than original toots. The fear of just boosting and replying and thus seeming to be a total
Timeline Spammer to visitors. 🙊
(Reposted because sometimes the typos are just too much to take.)

Unfollowing @NewsBot because even just skimming the headlines makes me sad.

Oh c'est beau ça: µBlock (et PAS µBlock Origin, le seul le vrai, le libre, qu'il faut utiliser) qui intègre un outil de tracking.

Donc non content d'avoir volé le travail du développeur, de faire son beurre sur un projet libre en le copiant & en entretenant la confusion, ils rajoutent un script de tracking.

Les gens, installez µBlock Origin, & surtout pas l'autre.
Là ->

(et pas Addblock non plus, c'est de la merde, pas efficace, & du racket organisé)

#ublock #µblock

The real benefit of GDPR is I get emails reminding me of all the sites I have to delete my account on.