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Newbies, you gotta set an avatar, a bio, and post an #introduction, and THEN follow people, so we know who/what you are.

@tomey But not all waste is equivalent. Heavy metal poisoning is not the same as radioactivity. I also expect the problem to be solved because I don't see the same kind of problems as for nuclear waste. The first thing that comes to mind is that nuclear waste is much riskier to transport.

@deshipu I've noticed two things: using merge requests forces somebody else to read through the code and agree to the proposed changes, and that's good. But what's vastly better is walking a team member through your changes, explaining, answering questions and all that, before pushing/merging or whatever. Actually talking to each somebody, explaining what you did. I still remember that project fondly.

Seriously, code review is the most effective and beneficial way of raising your code quality, decreasing the number and severity of bugs, and improving team communication. If you are not doing code review, you are really missing out.

@woozle If you can power cycle from a script, I guess you could use Monit? Use Monit to monitor a website which is only accessible when you're online, and when you fail often enough, it runs the restart script, which power cycles the modem?

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Wouldn't it be great if the lawyers of the Internet took a short break from attacking teenagers for downloading music, and instead put a little bit of attention towards the spam and ads industry? I keep hearing that most of the spam comes from just a few sources -- a botnet here, a server there. It's basically one big mafiah. But I guess there is no money in stopping that.

@jalefkowit How does that work? I never looked at the star system. The gameified git!?

@neoanderthal @Morrie I love the Mastodon party but I'd replace OSR with either RPG (short) or Weapons vs. AC (cool).

Although, these days I wonder. I write Java code for a living and most of the code I write in my free time is Perl 5 or Emacs Lisp.

Lisp as an Alternative to Java: by Peter Norvig

"Results show that the resulting Lisp programs ran faster on average than C, C++ or Java programs (although the fastest Lisp program was not as fast as the fastest C program), and that Lisp programs took less development time than the other languages."

@splitbrain I agreed to a long term monogamous relationship so this is a thing I actively avoid. That way is heartbreak and tears.

@ckeen This makes me wish for Debian to work on my iBook 4G again. I'm not too convinced by

Sometimes I wonder about the mechanisms that keep us apolitical. Talking about dreams and love and tending to our own gardens are part of that.

I just heard an episode of Thinking Allowed with Guy Standing on his book, The Corruption of Capitalism: Why Rentiers Thrive and Work does not Pay. A review of the book in the Guardian:
I might have to add this to my reading list.

Why is Sci-Hub so popular? Because what the academic publishing, no, wealth-extraction rent-seeking- industry, calls "Theft", the world calls "Research"

The Library of Alexandra, better known as Sci-Hub, is in the news again today, with a $15m fine and injunction handed down by U.S. Federal Judge Robert R. Sweet, a name which will go down in history as synonymous with "information supression".