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Being followed by a faceless and silent avatar is creepy.
Here’s my suggestion for newbies: set a picture and write at least one, preferably four posts that tell us something about yourself, about what to expect.
If you follow me, I will look at your profile and maybe I’ll follow back. But I’m not following a faceless and silent avatar.
Now... how to get this message out to newbies... 🤔

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Some pictures taken with the bigger camera. Remember to mute the thread if you have seen enough. Apparently we will get new flowers in March. 😄

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The Latvian Radio Choir singing Rachmaninov's All-night Vigil, Op. 37 "Vespers". The best music for crying and programming, both at the same time. Here I am, tears streaming down my face, thinking about some data import into an Oracle database. And I keep thinking: this is the time we live in. Crying, chagrined, as the world slowly turns into a swamp.

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"I’m feeling small because all these giants are standing on my shoulders!" – me, when thinking about copyright

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A reminder of why I think deleting old posts on social media is important: "I don’t think they have much value going back months and years. I never read through years of tweeting history! This only benefits your enemies, never your friends."

Ain’t that the truth – battery usage: Amaroq 30%, Mail 17%, Firefox 16%, Threema 11%, iCatcher 7%. Actually I’m surprised email is up there.

When I finish reading a book these days and I liked it, if the author has an online presence, I try to find a way to send them a message saying, "Hey, I liked the book. Thanks."

So much online commentary is negative, I think it's a good idea just to tell someone that you liked their work.

This is what I use to listen to music every single day, it's light, resistant, repairable, standard, carries 64GB of music and will play music for nearly 100 hours.

I paid 16$ for it.

Wow, there is a 'low-tech music' event:

2020-01-25 saturday:
- Cyanide Dansen (Paris)
- Kenobit (Milano)
- Stu (Basel)
Steil im Turm Areal, Theaterstrasse 17, Winterthur, Switzerland
door opening: 23:00

Not sure if I can survive an event that starts at 23:00. I think I feel too old for that!

¡Buenas noticias cabres! Hice un #trunk para gente que habla en #español
Aquí está:
Y el bot para este trunk es @trunkesp

Siéntanse libre de postularse ^^ y cualquier cosa me avisan.

cc @kensanata

"You don't talk, you watch talk shows. You don't play games, you watch game shows. Travel, relationships, risk; every meaningful experience must be packaged and delivered to you to watch at a distance so that you can remain ever-sheltered, ever-passive, ever-ravenous consumers who can't free themselves to rise from their couches, break a sweat, and participate in life. "

I’m complaining about big holes in bread, joking about wanting to write a book called “Pain et le néant” (bread and nothingness) and before long my wife calls me on my bullshit and now I’m reading Wikipedia pages about Sartre. Happy Monday evening to you, too! 😅

there are not too many people
there are too many rich people
that’s your fucking resource problem

SBC meta – datamining 

look at this very beautiful ginkgo tree which is around 1400 years old

In der Schweiz werden #Staatstrojaner mittlerweile intensiv eingesetzt. Staatstrojaner verletzen jedoch die digitale Intimsphäre und untergraben die IT Sicherheit von uns allen. Der Einsatz ist daher weitgehend unzulässig.

if (like me) you ever wondered whatever happend to the top-level domains of former eastern bloc states:
.dd (east germany): withdrawn in 1990, never used "on the net", just in university networks
.su (soviet union): still in use, even though it probably shouldn't be, ~117.000 domains
.yu (yugoslavia): deleted in 2010, ~4000 domains vanished
.cs (czechoslovakia): deleted in 1995, 114 domains vanished

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