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Some pictures taken with the bigger camera. Remember to mute the thread if you have seen enough. Apparently we will get new flowers in March. πŸ˜„

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The Latvian Radio Choir singing Rachmaninov's All-night Vigil, Op. 37 "Vespers". The best music for crying and programming, both at the same time. Here I am, tears streaming down my face, thinking about some data import into an Oracle database. And I keep thinking: this is the time we live in. Crying, chagrined, as the world slowly turns into a swamp.

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"I’m feeling small because all these giants are standing on my shoulders!" – me, when thinking about copyright

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A reminder of why I think deleting old posts on social media is important: "I don’t think they have much value going back months and years. I never read through years of tweeting history! This only benefits your enemies, never your friends."

Yikes, I had to take it down! And I have no time to fix is, as I need to prepare some *very important sewers* for my RPG friends… some other day!

OK, here's a simple web app in Perl 5. πŸ˜ƒ
This is not a full gopher client. You could say it's "only gopher text files" plus some Markdown and link processing. Thus, as long as there are URLs in those text files, these links should work. If those links go to a Gopher menu, however, it doesn't work any more. Only text files!

Why did it take me a lunch break to realize that writing a Gopher client as a client-side web app cannot work? All these apps run inside the browser sandbox: Javascript, WebAssembly, and any other language that compiles to them – same limitation. All you have are WebSockets, and they are not the same as TCP sockets. And thus, no connecting from browsers to regular gopher servers! 😭
So now that I know this will require server-side code, I might as well use Perl 5. 😜

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I was shown a tutorial for implementing something in Rust and generating WebAssembly.
Now I'm looking at this "list of languages that currently compile to or have their VMs in WebAssembly(wasm)"
Intriguing! And I feel sad for the many unpopular languages with descriptions like "… is a general-purpose programming language designed for robustness, optimality, and maintainability." Like all of them, initially, hopefully.

Oh no, now I'm thinking about finding a cool language that compiles to Javascript in order to write a Gopher client for the web! But what to use? I like Emacs Lisp, if that's any help. πŸ˜„ I wasn't too happy with Clojure an ClojureScript when I tried it. Too much engineering required to get it to work, horrible error messages. Perhaps it got better.
Anyway, do you have recommendations, experiences?

Ah, this is what I was missing: I like <Alt>Tab to switch-windows not switch-applications. I don't like the grouping, I think. It's mostly because I don't use tabs for my terminal emulator: I just open new windows. I had to install the dconf editor to make this change (org/gnome/desktop/wm/keybindings)

Summer break is achieved when I no longer remember the password for my work account.

I think it's time to have a conversation about programming conferences and if it makes sense for people to fly halfway around the world to read out loud the slides they have on their websites.

You know, those slides about technologies that make information sharing on the web easier.

I'm into Chinese-HK, and Taiwanese politics.

Anyone I should be following?

I'm really not excited for the future where cash is eliminated and you have to have an account on a dominant social media platform and a working surveillance device to buy anything. Also, in general, I find it very hard to care about how giant companies split the transaction fees.

So now I’m thinking: I should get a better client for my mobile devices. Then I think I could write my own. Hm, the simplest would be a wrapper for some JavaScript, perhaps? Then again, I could just prototype it as a web page? And now I’m thinking: for this phone, I’m going to run a native app that runs a browser that runs a web app to look at crummy gopher text files. This is what’s wrong with us, today! This is in fact easier than building a native iOS app. πŸ˜­πŸ™ˆπŸ’©πŸ˜ž

Napathy. n.
That feeling when you have a bunch of chores like laundry and cleaning to do when you get home, but all you want to do instead is take a nap.

@kensanata This could basically be a nice ultralight protocol all on its own!

1) All connections are TLS secured
2) Requests are a UTF-8 encoded selector and a CLRF, nothing more
3) Responses are guaranteed UTF-8 encoded text
4) No further structure of response is guaranteed
5) Clients should be able to extract any URLs from anywhere in the text and construct a menu, with interface of their own choosing.

If people don't speak out against #war on #iran like many spoke in opposition to #venezuela coup, then eventually it might happen. Remember that #warcriminals with >track record< of "success" (selling war) now run the White House.

Listening to some old albums by the Asian Dub Foundation. Sad to see that it’s still relevant. 😭 Where’s the angry emoji for tearing down the system. Aaaaaaargh! Emojis are the newspeak of our age. Simplified, cleaned up, corporatized – it’s impossible to use emojis to describe how fucked up everything is. πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ is the best we will get. They even cleaned up the gun. And they never added a Guillotine. They knew what we’d be using it for.

Reads paragraph in a book

<< It is difficult for us who live in the Western world today to conceive of the fear that gripped our early ancestors, of the hold that fear had on their lives. ... a fear of attack by their enemies, a fear of being bewitched, of being poisoned by a rival ... a fear of the elements >>


(checks book date)

oh. 2009.

In the Before Time.

You sweet summer child.

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