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The first few cohorts to learn web development did so by looking to the web as an open book of examples.

I mourn the loss of that type of learning for the current cohorts.

I cringe when I think that it's been considered an acceptable loss in a chase for performance when we have so very much more compute power and network throughput going around than we did then.

It's an absolute shame.

Time delete my Flickr account. And my Instagram account. And my Twitter accounts.

@proc_gen gotta love this: "Population: Scientific Owls who make Cobalt"

If there's anything Jeavons' Law accurately describes, it's websites' constant addition of absolutely stupid, non-functional bandwidth-wasting shit just because they can.

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@alephnull @tek Using Conway's game of life for something useful is mind boggling.

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@woozle If the compiler can't find the header files for a package x, then the usual solution is to install the package x-dev, which includes header files, and try again.

If you are a tea nerd you are gonna love this. I know I do.

Sadly, Mastodon scales it down so much it becomes unreadable. Here is an imgur link.

@jwisser ice worms or remorhazes, attacking anything that makes noise on the surface. If you want to make it a potential campaign twister, let their be a mother lair Γ  la Aliens where the big one lays a gazillion eggs. Killing her will take the help of elemental lords who require services beforehand. And a gate to a demiplane where the remorhaz spice can be harvested. What has it been powering in your campaign world? Are there people there, extracting it?

The hardest part IMO is that to be really effective at perf, you have to know *both* how the browser works and how Webpack/Babel/<insert 20 other build tools> work.

Modern webdev is no longer about writing HTML/CSS/JS but instead about wiring a "React app" or an "Angular app" and then running it through a giant compiler toolchain that eventually spits out HTML/CSS/JS. The two representations are related, but only distantly.

@stefanieschulte RWGW tΓΆnt nach einem spannenden Arbeitsumfeld! πŸ‘πŸ½

The silence of makes me sad.


1967: Here's a computer with 1MB of RAM, please put some dudes on the moon with it

2017: Here's a computer with 16GB of RAM, please display some text on the screen with it