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Being followed by a faceless and silent avatar is creepy.
Here’s my suggestion for newbies: set a picture and write at least one, preferably four posts that tell us something about yourself, about what to expect.
If you follow me, I will look at your profile and maybe I’ll follow back. But I’m not following a faceless and silent avatar.
Now... how to get this message out to newbies... 🤔

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Some pictures taken with the bigger camera. Remember to mute the thread if you have seen enough. Apparently we will get new flowers in March. 😄

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The Latvian Radio Choir singing Rachmaninov's All-night Vigil, Op. 37 "Vespers". The best music for crying and programming, both at the same time. Here I am, tears streaming down my face, thinking about some data import into an Oracle database. And I keep thinking: this is the time we live in. Crying, chagrined, as the world slowly turns into a swamp.

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"I’m feeling small because all these giants are standing on my shoulders!" – me, when thinking about copyright

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A reminder of why I think deleting old posts on social media is important: "I don’t think they have much value going back months and years. I never read through years of tweeting history! This only benefits your enemies, never your friends."

Uhm, didn't see that coming (totally did):

The Wire messenger changed ownership in July, didn't really notify anyone as per their own privacy policy, and now belongs to a US entity called "Wire Group Holdings":

Not sure how I feel about that (totally do).

What I find most interesting about Adidas closing its robotic factories in the EU and the US is this:

„Robotic factories are a powerful tool but difficult to quickly reconfigure or repurpose, since it takes specialty knowledge to set up racks of robotic arms, computer vision systems, and so on. Robotics manufacturers are making advances in this field, but for now it’s a whole lot harder than training a human workforce to use standard tools on a different pattern.“

Strange: whatever CPU Quote I give , that's what it uses. (Epicyon is the ActivityPub server written in Python without a database that I've been looking at in the last few days.)

"Vice Magazine ... claimed a written agreement with a Mainland Chinese woman barring discussion of her sexual orientation and relationships was not “legally binding” so therefore could be ignored"

Holy shit, #vice.

I love clicking "delete" on emails

Not "archive," but "delete"


"It’s an unpleasant thing when you realize that journalists- as a profession, nearly without exception, would prefer you disappear and never be seen again rather than have a difficult conversation about their colleague’s conduct. All while they build personal brands around claiming profound knowledge and concern for the welfare and freedom of Chinese citizens."

#mastodon #india #history #war #AcaTooters #nerd
OKAY! So it's been a couple of days since I joined Mastodon, which means it's time for a history thread. Going by tootles' responses, I'm going to be starting with these fascinating artefacts: the hero stones of the medieval Deccan.

> Last month, #Microsoft-owned #Github removed an app for organising #political #protests developed by a group of separatists called Democratic Tsunami - following a court takedown request sent by #Spain's police.


fucking mad at the westerners cheering on the coup in Bolivia. the BBC and other outlets are saying he resigned due to protests, that's fucking bullshit. he said there would be a second election with UN onlookers to ensure it's not fixed, and the fucking millitary came in and forced him to resign. that's a textbook coup

«Die Bevölkerung muss mit abschliessender Sicherheit davon ausgehen können, dass ihre Stimme korrekt erfasst und wiedergegeben wird. Im Kanton Freiburg hat dieses Vertrauen heute gelitten.» #NOeVoting

Moratorium unterschreiben:

This tho:

“in the old days, if you reinvented the wheel, you would get your wrist slapped for not reading. But nowadays people are reinventing the flat tire. I'd personally be happy if they reinvented the wheel, because at least we'd be moving forward. If they reinvented what , did we'd be way ahead of where we are now.”

I'm not saying that isn't brilliant—incomprehensible too. It's like he's seen a past that we haven't and wants his future back. Like a reverse-poet–prophet.

To #India and other #newbies: How to find people and be found.

ENGAGE. Toot, respond, boost.

The best way to see, be seen, and engage, is, well, to get out, look for things, and be visible.

DON'T over-share. 1-10x daily? Pretty good. 10-100x daily? Excessive. Less than a few times a month? Where'd you go?

Hashtags. Use them AND search them. Search tags you used for others with like interests.

Be human. Self-promotion, rudeness, single-topic obsession, goes badly.


Re- #introduction : I'm a #pseudonymous #spaceAlienCat, have been on Mastodon since April 2018, previously #GooglePlus, alts on and

Interested in #BigProblems: #progress #models #institutions #technology #limits #values and interactions thererof.

Given to bad #puns & #adultLanguage, occasional #shitposting & #tootstorm

Long-time #linux user, into #privacy, concered about #surveillance

#nonideologue & #SlaySacredCows, believe in #PunchingUp & #truthToPower

my sister-in-law wanted to make a toy for her 2 year old nephew who likes turning on and off light switches so I helped her learn to solder and we put together this box with 5 different switches and a bunch of different LEDs mounted on it.

the switches all interact in different ways, and some of the LEDs are RGB so you can play with it for several minutes before you figure out how everything works together.

I think the kid is going to love it.

Today is the 33rd birthday of #aaronswartz, he fought to free #knowledge and killed by flawed unjust system that valued money over humanity. Let's remember him, and continue the battle he has started #knowledgefreedom #creativecommons

some thoughts about "OK Boomer" from a GenX perspective 

Mirror's Edge was a solitary game where you ran around on top or underground of a dystopic, authoritarian, clean, shiny society.

You were one of the resistance.

The music was also awesome.

Bread making was a good choice for today, kids loved it and the recipe worked as expected! Success!

Thanks @kensanata

"Die Mauer! Die Mauer ist weg!" 30 years ago I got a phone call from a friend telling me the unbelievable news that people were crossing the Berlin Wall from East to West. In this audio episode, I remember back to that day:
#BerlinWall30 #NaPodPoMo

Listening to a podcast on “Christopher Ketcham – This Land: How Cowboys, Capitalism and Corruption Are Ruining the American West” and it makes my heart ache when they talk about the deforestation planned for the cattle industry.
And the bureau of land management captured by federal employees not interested in enforcing federal law. What a shame.

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