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Following me without a bio, without a post, without an avatar? I’ll assume you are a bot, or a sleeper account for future spam or propaganda and disinformation. You’ll be blocked. This is the first test to see if you’re a human.

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"I’m feeling small because all these giants are standing on my shoulders!" – me, when thinking about copyright

I block all cryptocurrency promoting accounts, by the way. Just so you know. I don't have time for multi-billion dollar pyramid scheme frauds in my life or on my karma, and you really shouldn't either.

For accurate cryptocurrency reporting, go to

🌈 Woot woot ! La votation fédérale suisse pour le mariage pour toutes et toustes a été acceptée par le peuple à 64.10% ! 💜🧡💛💚💙

Typos, how I would like to fix them, without breaking threading. Toad lilies, not road lilies!

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Some notes on Hypercard, a portable way to share apps with their (top-level) source code accessible to others.

Some apps for inspiration:

Get started:

C sources:

Build instructions:

You build it for arbitrary platforms by first building a setup tool.

gcc setup/tool.c -o setup
./setup -t lx64 >
. ./

setup options:


In 2020, a fleet of more than 300 Chinese squid fishing vessels garnered extensive international media attention when they were detected fishing near the border of Ecuador’s sovereign waters that include the Galapagos marine reserve, raising concerns of illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing.

username? kensanata
Password: ********
Logged in as user KENSANATA. Last login was 6.0y ago.

Six years. :blobastonished:

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Is there a game that plays inside the shell that teaches you the joy of a shell life? Is Telehack this game?
Or is this the Dwarf Fortress variant of the game I want and the game I want doesn’t exist?

We went for a walk in the area, along the creeks on the hill behind the city, and back along the river. The concrete tower is the storage for a huge cereal mill within the city.

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As seen in Zürich main station underground. Maybe things are getting better. Then again, it is kind of sad that “better” is “more visible in capitalism” (ads). I’ll take it, though.

I’ll try to use Say hi via XMPP. 😄

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I'm looking for a task-oriented rather than project-oriented time tracker. I have some recurring activities (different kinds of meetings mostly) with different schools ("clients") and I would like to track time so I can easliy see how much time I spend on certain activities and certain clients (two-dimensional tracking).

Any suggestions?

The life of a lazy Debian admin. Search online for "xmpp server for debian". Find wiki page. I have three options: ejabberd, jabberd2, or prosody. I use "apt install" for each of them and see how many packages they want to install as dependencies. Then I pick the one with the shortest list. Hello, prosody! We meet again. Let's try this.

@kensanata It goes further, most programming languages are based on English grammar as well. Even assembly language usually has verb-subject syntax.

This is one of the reasons that led me to create Haku, my Japanese programming language that I have been posting about recently: what happens if we use a different language with a different writing system and a different grammar?

Und diese deprimierenden Botschaften habe ich ja auch auf Englisch geschrieben, wie auch mein Blog fast komplett auf Englisch geschrieben ist. Und schon gar nicht auf Französisch oder Portugiesisch. So trage ich zur Misere selber bei.

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If you know me, you know I love Emacs. The great lisp machine that actually exists. You can also edit texts with it, but mostly use it to browse stuff online, to listen to music, to chat, to manage files. It’s great. It’s self documenting. It comes with English manuals. Nearly all the functions have English names. And English documentation strings. It’s ideal for English reading users. I don’t know how to change that. I follow the same conventions.

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