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Soon enough the gorges were spectacular: white boulders, green water, dense trees, steep sides, an ancient looking bridge (plenty of modern looking ones, too). There are many of these wonderful gorges in the Jura – another famous one is Twann, and another nice and short one is within the city limits of Solothurn.

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I will often quote posts and link to them. I usually don't do that for my own blog posts because I figured if you wanted to know about my blog, you'd already be following it.
Just saying because I sometimes get the feeling that people think I'm the author of all the wonderful posts I quote. Sadly, this is not true. I quote them because they put into words what I cannot.

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"I’m feeling small because all these giants are standing on my shoulders!" – me, when thinking about copyright

„A prominent figure in stories told across different African nations is that of the mermaid. The half human/half fish water spirit is referred to by different names depending on the specific African nation and unique cultures within.“

So there is this ages old idea in the fantasy literature, that gods somehow need to be worshiped to gain strength, that they feed on human attention. And then we have several tech companies basically building attention-harvesting engines under the guise of selling ads. I bet this fits together somehow, but I can't quite see how yet.

Two bilingual (English/#日本語) one-page printouts based on the United Nations Web Magazine pages by #RobDietz. Parts of the first chapter of #EnoughIsEnough are on-line AND translated into #Japaense. Now I can hand out decent, extra reading material from this century. Bertrand Russel's writings from the 1920s and 30s are still eerily relevant, but I like this combination of new Econ and ancient #老子 LaoZi

@mark It’s normal for good green tea to be highly caffeinated, because it comes from the growing tips which from an evolutionary standpoint are the part of the plant most worth defending. Caffeine is an insect repellent. :awesome:


me with the simplistic moral framework of an alienated teenager: giant corporations are evil.

me later, as a mature grown up person who works for a living and understands that things are complicated: giant corporations are just made up of humans and mostly people are doing their best and there are lots of complex reasons that people and systems do what they do, many of them pretty understandable in context.

me now: giant corporations are evil.

Emacs config burndown on Windows: I've used a shared config for my Emacs on macOS, Windows, and GNU/Linux for many years. Then I stopped using macOS, and then Emacs started to be super super slow on Windows: mainly when opening files. The completion code I was using was probably scanning the current (or more?) directories, which was taking many seconds. I tried to remove that offending package or setting from my setup this morning but failed. So now, in a fit of anger, I moved all the files into a "deactivated" folder, confirmed that Emacs was usable again, and will practice config-necromancy when required. The most important bit being to stop the cursor from blinking. 😆

Not finished Naomi Klein's This Changes Everything or Kohei Saito's 人新世の資本論 but got wrapped up in #EnoughIsEnough. It keeps making me think of earlier work by #MichaelAlbert with #ParEcon #ParticipatoryEconomics, and even earlier writings by #BertrandRussel, #MortalsAndOthers. Back in 1933 we knew economists were morons:
"Economists were driven to abandon this.. ground by the indignation of the #GeneralPublic. "
but then we forgot and in 2011 students protest #Mankiw?

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"if i replace all the words, is it really plagiarism?"

this argument is known as the ship of thesaurus

I am not happy. The latest iOS Update broke the Calendar sync between me and my wife's calendars via . In the log files it says: "Unsupported REPORT method 'D:principal-property-search' on '/' requested" – I'm using Radicale 3.0.6-3 from Debian. 😒

@bookandswordblog writes about military ethnography. “And our pamphleteer goes on to give a quick one-page summary of the national or racial characteristics of Soviet armies as explained by Balck and von Mellenthin. If you have read book 11 of the Strategikon of Emperor Maurice, this will sound familiar. It will also sound familiar if you know the history of anthropology in the 20th century as a tool of intelligence agencies, colonial governance, and counterinsurgency.”

Fedi feature request: posts older than, say, 1 year (adjustable in account settings) get clearly and visually marked as "old".

People boost all toots all the time, and that's fantastic, but I just caught myself reacting to an ancient toot. Pretty sure I'm not the only person who could benefit from that!

Just FYI a gay dude born in a Japanese internment camp went on to participate in just about every major social movement from the 1960s to 1990s and co-wrote a book with Buckminster Fuller and babysat MLK Jr's kids and generally lived a life of fun and crime and yet no one has made a single movie about the guy:
I especially enjoy his Fuck the Draft ad, which could be sent to a select group of "mother__s" if you ordered 5 or more posters.

“I created a small shellscript over the summer to manage my hours. Since then, it’s grown into being an ‘actual program’ So, I decided to properly release it. It’s now on Sourcehut, … and is well-documented in English and toki pona …” (also on Gemini)
Documented in Toki Pona! 😍

The book was gifted to me by a friend of mine who has been watching my slow despairing online and who is trying to tell me that I am letting the media (both traditional and social media) drag me down… which is probably true.

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I am reading Hans Rosling‘s Factfulness, which takes the same approach as Our World In Data: taking statistics and showing us that it’s getting better – or maybe: we no longer remember how terrible our own past has been. And it sort of works, if I squint vis a vis climate change. The world has improved a lot. It still feels weird.

Chomsky mentions something about GDP and cars, and how his standard of living in Boston would be better with decent public transportation (and city planning for it!) instead of cars. Just recently Amitav Ghosh's _The Great Derangement_ introduced me to Timothy Mitchell who seems like a key person to help with thinking about how we got this way. Now we are just in it, and it's hard to see all the subsidies and manipulations that made cars and commutes seem natural..

In case anyone wonders why every time I need something, I do a custom build and make an open hardware project out of it – the answer is because muh #socialism.

Virtually no self-proclaimed socialists actually work on bringing about a socialist industry – so I'm building up my own set of blueprints and building up manufacturing experience with the long-term goal of designing (and producing) honest to goddess means of production.

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